Data Quality in CRM

Clean data is the lifeblood of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. In order for a CRM system to be successful, customer data should follow your standards, have all the necessary information and should be duplicate-free.  In doing so, your CRM will be ready to help you with your customers and prospects, especially in daily marketing and sales operations.


Obstacles: Keeping Data Clean and Uniform

Data Quality in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important to keep duplicate free dataTo get the most out of your CRM system, it should:

  • Include Duplicate-free Customer Data - Identifying duplicate and near-duplicate records gives your business a clear understanding of who your customers are and why they buy (or don't buy) your products.
  • Conform to Standards - Following the industry standards set by postal authorities and other international committees allows information to be passed from one system to another without losing meaning. It ensures that your mailings, invoices, recall notices and other important customer contact activities make it to your customer without fail.
  • Clean Data Anywhere - Cleansing data both in batch and in real time, as it enters your call center, will reap the long-term benefits of data quality.


Solution: Talend Data Quality for CRM

Talend gives you the power to tackle the challenges of clean data in your CRM system.  It can help you integrate data from your applications, databases and customer touch points into a single customer data hub. With Talend, you can overcome some of the key challenges to CRM, including:

  • Access and delivery of data to and from your applications. With Talend's data integration built in, you can create data flows to any major CRM solution.
  • Profile data to gain a complete understanding of the challenges you may face during integration.
  • Create and enforce standards for all customer data in your organization, including address validation and postal standards.
  • Identify duplicates and near-duplicates in your CRM system.
  • Monitor data quality over time to keep your CRM system clean

Ultimately, it is the customer who benefits from your attention to data quality by your ability to serve them.


Talend Products

Talend Data Quality

Talend provides a powerful open source-based data quality solution that delivers end-to-end profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring capabilities with the ability to identify anomalies, standardize data, resolve duplicates and monitor data quality over time.

Talend data quality is there to help by providing the following features:

  • Profiling - With accurate profiling, understand the data challenges early and create a realistic plan to improve it.
  • Matching - Gain a complete view of your customers by eliminating duplicate and redundant information.
  • Record Consolidation - Create the most accurate data by integrating multiple customer records into a single best-of-breed record.
  • Postal Validation - Reduce postage expense and ensure delivery with name and address data that meets postal standards.
  • Standardization - Ensure that your name and address data follows local and global standards, making it easier to share between systems.
  • Reference Data Integration - Meet any business objective by enriching and enhancing customer data with external reference data.

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Talend Data Management

Talend Data Management turns disparate, duplicate sources of data into trusted stores of consolidated information, so your business can be more responsive and confident in daily decisions.

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All functionality is completely integrated with Talend Data Integration, ensuring that data quality is built into integration processes during the design phase.