Data Governance

Data Governance combines Data Quality, Data Integration, and Master Data Management (MDM)Data governance is a combination of people, processes and technology that drives high-quality, high-value information. The technology portion of data governance combines data quality, data integration and master data management to ensure that data, processes, and people can be trusted and accountable, and that accurate information flows through the enterprise driving business efficiency.

Some common data governance goals are: improving customer segmentation and customer view; improving reporting and decision making confidence; minimizing the costs associated with low quality data re-work; and addressing government regulations such as Dodd-Frank, HIPAA and Basel II.


Obstacles: Data Governance Challenges

Implementing a successful data governance program has several technical challenges. First, companies need to reliably integrate data sources and implement data quality measurement and improvement features. Second, companies need to establish, monitor and improve key quality and performance metrics that support data governance principles. Finally, collaboration is required so teams of people from different departments can work together on - and be accountable for -data quality issues.

All of these disciplines are required, otherwise there is a risk of low quality data that can impede business performance.


Solution: Talend for Data Governance

Talend provides a powerful open source-based data management solution so data governance is improved across your information assets. Talend address data governance challenges through a unified data management platform, key performance indicator tracking, and data quality issue collaboration.

1. Unified Data Management Platform

Talend technology improves data governance by making it easy to start and manage data management processes. With the Talend platform you can:

  • Access and improve data in hours rather than months with an intuitive application. Lower professional services costs as you use Talend's familiar Eclipse-based platform.
  • Upgrade your technology as your company matures its data governance strategy. Data integration, data quality and MDM are controlled from one familiar user interface, not a series of unrelated ones.
  • Deploy data quality processes and services seamlessly across teams of people, lines of business, applications, and systems. The platform is easy enough for a business user to master and powerful enough for IT to get the job done.

2. Key Performance Indicator Tracking

Tracking data quality metrics is a standard data governance practice in many corporations. Providing feedback metrics about the business impact of data management is the only way to change the hearts and minds of those who enter data into the system. Showing the impact of poor data quality is the best way to improve data quality at the source. With the Talend data management platform, you can:

  • Publish web-based reports that track data quality metrics. Users can log in with a web browser and instantly follow key indicators of data quality.
  • Create custom Adobe Acrobat, XML and Excel reports that allow your data governance team to shine a light on the data governance process
  • Track only the metrics you want to track. Reports that are as custom as your data.

3. Data Quality Issue Collaboration

Once issues are identified, business and technical users can immediately begin to put processes in place to cleanse data. With Talend you can:

  • Clean and normalize all sorts of data, including supply chain, ERP, CRM and transactional data. Diverse data quality processes will help your company meet compliance mandates and reduce corporate risk.
  • Standardize data using a wider variety of resources than any other vendor. Built-in data integration opens up a world of reference data from commercially available, government agency or public domain sources.

Turn to the Talend community for processes, regular expressions, and other shortcuts in achieving data quality. Decrease time spend on managing data anomalies and their impact on the organization.


Talend Products

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Unlike other solutions where you need to integrate products to make a solution, Talend’s products improve your productivity through a unified platform - a common code repository and tooling for scheduling, metadata management, data processing and service enablement.

Talend Data Management

Talend Data Management turns disparate, duplicate sources of data into trusted stores of consolidated information, so your business can be more responsive and confident in daily decisions.

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