On-Demand Training

A fully interactive learning experience

The Talend learning management system (LMS) enables you to learn at your own pace in a realistic virtual environment that includes fully-functional Talend software, step-by-step instructions, and supporting files and applications.

1. Purchase a Talend On-Demand Training Module.
2. Receive a URL for course access and lab time.

  • 2-day courses include 20 lab hours of access.
  • 1-day courses include 10 lab hours of access.

3. Begin and complete your course within 30 days from any computer with Internet access.


Test Your Connection

On-demand training connects to a virtual environment on a hosted server. Certain onsite security configurations may prevent access.To test lab connectivity, simply open https://cloud.skytap.com/connectivity in a web browser. Choose either US-East, EMEA or APAC datacenter and let us know which one is best for you with the lowest latency. We will provide you access to your training on one of the 3 datacenters that has the best connectivity, i.e. lowest latency for you.

On-Demand Module List

Once you are issued the URL for your On-Demand Training module, you will have a set number of days and lab hours to complete the course. Your course will end when either your access days or lab hours expire. A URL is valid for 30 days. Questions? Contact trainingadministration@talend.com.

Talend delivers training courses on the latest version of the training courseware available. If you are looking for a previous version of the training course, please contact Talend Training Administration for more information.

Class Days Description Price  
Data Integration Basics

Talend Studio for Data Integration dramatically improves the efficiency of data integration Job design through an easy-to-use graphical development environment. It enables rapid deployment and reduces maintenance costs with integrated connectors to all source and target systems, with support for all types of data integration, data migration, and data synchronization operations.

Data Integration Advanced

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in computing, including familiarity with Java or another programming language, as well as SQL or other general concepts of databases. Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics course.

Discover how to use Talend Data Integration provides an extensible, highly-scalable set of tools to access, transform, and integrate data from any business system in real time or batch to meet both operational and analytical data integration needs.

Data Integration Administration

Prerequisite: Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics course and general knowledge of administrative tasks

This course is designed for system administrators in charge of the installation and maintenance of Talend solutions. It focuses on features designed to support Enterprise-level integrations where performance and Job deployment can be more intricate due to the complexities associated with multiple users and disparate systems, platforms and protocols.

Big Data Basics

Prerequisite: Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics or Talend Data Integration Advanced course.

Talend Big Data Basics is an introduction to the Talend components that are shipped with several products that interact with Big Data systems.

Big Data Advanced

Prerequisite: Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics and Talend Big Data Basics courses

Talend provides a development environment that enables users to interact with many Big Data sources and targets without having to understand or write complicated code.

Data Quality Basics

Prerequisite: Familiarity with SQL. Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics course.

This course is designed to enable users to immediately make use of Talend Studio for Data Quality. It trains users to evaluate the quality of data in the information system according to a set of metrics and thresholds based on a series of indicators, models and rules for each data item to be analyzed or monitored.

Data Quality Advanced

Prerequisite: Familiarity with SQL. Completion of the Talend Data Integration Basics and Talend Data Quality Basics courses.

This training course enables users to use tools to isolate, correct and monitor non-compliant values in a dataset. It combines the Talend Data Quality Basics training contents with other contents covering the collaborative work and the correction of data issues. This course explains how to set up automated tasks to fix the most common data errors, while routing other errors for manual assessment and correction.

ESB Basics

Prerequisite: General understanding of Java. Completion of the Data Integration Basics course.

This course presents the basics of Talend ESB, providing participants with practical knowledge of the purpose of the product, product components and how to use the product to complete integration projects.

ESB Advanced

Prerequisite: General understanding of Java.

This course is a supplement to the Talend ESB Basics training course. It helps participants to better understand Talend ESB and prepares them to use Talend products to create and use ESB Conductor, ESB Publisher and Runtime ESB with routes and data services. Generally speaking, the process taught in this class is first develop, then publish, then deploy. The key pieces of infrastructure used to accomplish this is the Talend Studio, Talend Administration Center (TAC), SVN and Nexus repositories and the Talend Runtime.

Talend Data Mapper Essentials

Talend Data Mapper can help you work with complex hierarchical data. It allows you to define and execute transformations between data records or documents. The input and output can be a variety of formats including XML, SWIFT, COBOL, CSV, EDI, XLS, MySQL Databases and others.

This course familiarizes participants with the most popular features of TDM.



Test Your Connection Before You Buy!

Completing an On-Demand Training module requires you to connect to a hosted server. Most people have no problem connecting to a server, but at sites with extra security or with certain configurations, connecting can be difficult. To ensure that your On-Demand Training experience goes smoothly, connect to the URL https://talend.hostedtraining.com before you buy and then click Configure Automatically. If the process completes successfully, you will have no problem accessing an On-Demand Training module.

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Available Modules

Class Days Description Price  
Data Integration Basics 5.5 (DI-B)
2 This two day course focuses on the basic functionality of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration: extracting data from common database and file formats, transforming it, and integrating it into targets. $660

Data Integration Enterprise 5.5 (DI-E)
1 This one day class focuses on the functionality of Talend Enterprise Data Integration. The enterprise product provides a distributed architecture for multiple developers to share resources and combine efforts on a single project. $330
Data Integration Enterprise Administration 5.3 (DI-EA)
1 This one day administration class provides the information needed to install and work with the components of Talend Enterprise Data Integration and to perform common administration tasks such as deploying and monitoring Jobs. $330
Data Quality Basics 5.5 (DQ-B)
2 This two day class focuses on functionality of Talend Studio for Data Quality to assess the data quality of data sources, including the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data in preparation for data migration, instance consolidation, and data integration. $660
Data Quality Enterprise 5.5 (DQ-E)
1 This one day course includes resolution of data quality issues, using tools to isolate, correct, report on and monitor non-conforming values within sample data sets. $330
ESB Basics 5.5 (ESB-B)
2 This two day class covers the fundamentals of Talend ESB, it's purpose, components, and using the product to solve integration projects from quickly building messaging routes and integration jobs to implementing web services with SOAP and REST applications. $660
ESB Enterprise 5.5 (ESB-E)
1 This one day class introduces features in the Talend Enterprise and Platform ESB products, including deployment and team collaboration and management functions. Team members can share Data Services, Mediation Routes, and metadata. Talend Runtime, Talend Administration Center with ESB Conductor and ESB Publisher, CommandLine and the Artifact (Nexus) Repository are used in the course labs. $330
MDM Platform Data Modelling 5.5 (MDM-DM)
2 This two day class provides provides a foundation in data modeling, the first main development stage in an MDM implementation. Gain proficiency with the Talend MDM data modeling tools using data modeling best practices. $660
Talend Data Mapper Platform 5.5 (TDM-P)
1 This one day class covers Talend Data Mapper, a complete and easy hierarchical mapping tool for very complex data structures. $330
Talend Data Mapper Advanced 5.5 (TDM-A)
1 This one day course continues exploring Talend Data Mapper with implemented standard formats like EDI, COBOL and XML. $330
Big Data Hadoop Components 5.5 (BD-HC)
1 This one day class covers several products for interacting with Big Data systems that are shipped with Talend Big Data Hadoop Components. Provides a development environment for interaction with big data sources and targets without the need to learn and write complicated code $330
Big Data Enterprise 5.5 (BD-E)
2 This two day class is dedicated to MapReduce jobs, including context variables, metadata, data viewer and MapReduce job designer. Talend Big Data provides massive scalability and runs 100% natively on Hadoop. $660

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