Integration Software Training

Talend offers a rich set of online and instructor-led training courses to speed your ramp-up time, deliver projects faster, and maximize your Talend investment.

Jumpstart Your Talend Skillset

Today firms need to do more with less: be more efficient and deliver results faster. A recent analyst noted that untrained or undertrained users cost five times more to support than a well-trained user. Another study showed that projects that met most or all of their objectives provided each team member with 40% more training than projects that failed or only partly succeeded.

What if you and your team could quickly become proficient in developing, deploying, and managing your Talend solution ?

Talend provides a complete and robust set of training courses delivered using a variety of mechanisms to suit your requirements: instructor-led in a classroom or over the Internet, or self-paced online on your own schedule. Talend schedules public instructor-led classes and can arrange private classes if you have multiple people who need training. Project risks are significantly reduced through real-world training examples and hands-on practice, enabling you to maximize your Talend investment.

Complete and Robust Set of Courses

All Talend classes are designed around practical exercises to maximize the time spent working with the software. Cloud-based virtual machines with fully functional installations of Talend software ensure consistency and minimize disruption. Beginner to advanced courses for developers to administrators are provided across data management and application integration topics.

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On-Demand Training Learn at Your Own Pace

Talend On-Demand Training is an innovative, flexible, and cost-effective way to receive practical hands-on experience with Talend products. It provides remote access to a virtual environment that includes the Talend software, step-by-step tutorial instructions, all required supporting files and applications, priority designation for questions posted to the Talend Forum, and the ability to receive live support.

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Certification Demonstrates Talend Knowledge

Talend Certification exams allow you to demonstrate your product subject matter proficiency and receive a certificate of achievement as proof.

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Free Tutorials

As an alternative to a hands-on training experience, Talend provides click-through self-service tutorials designed to provide quick, guided discovery of key features. You will find short tutorials on a wide variety of topics on TalendForge, our community portal.

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Talend Services enable you to get the most out of your Talend investments.

  • Mitigate project risks
  • Increase your success and ROI through best practices
  • Gain highest level of technical knowledge transfer


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