Customer References

Talend's users and customers span all industries, geographies, and company sizes. They use Talend’s products for a broad variety of projects.

Visit this section to discover a large palette of real-life case studies.

On Demand Webinars

Many Talend Webinars are recorded and made available as online resources for on-demand viewing. They cover a broad variety of topics, ranging from technical “how-to” to business justification or use cases.

Podcasts & Videocasts

Talend provides audio and video interviews of Talend’s engineers or industry analysts, as well as recorded “how-to” presentations and demos of specific topics.

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Talend Help Center

The Talend Help Center provides the complete online Documentation as well as an extensive Knowledge Base to help you use the Talend products.
The information available in the Talend Help Center is certified by Talend.


Self-service tutorials provide guided discovery and training on key features of Talend’s products. These self-paced learning resources are provided either as step-by-step instructions with screenshots or as video demonstrations.

White Papers

Talend offers a substantial library of reference documents, including white papers, analyst reports, technical reports, which are made available for download.