Social Data Analytics

Social data analytics require powerful big data solutions.

Social data analytics offer the enterprise remarkable insight into the sentiment and opinions of millions of people worldwide. Leading organizations are using social data analytics to identify prospects, target products for specific audiences, personalize offers and communication for customers, monitor markets, and survey public opinion.

But the volume and complexity of social data is a huge challenge for most companies. Legacy integration technology wasn't built to handle all the new data sources that social data analytics require. Few programmers have the big data programming skills needed to manipulate massive social data sets. And there aren't many organizations that have the resources to train a team of developers in big data programming or invest in expensive new integration technologies.

That's where Talend can help. Talend's big data software provides a powerful solution for social data analytics that lets you gain actionable intelligence from complex social data mining – without needing new skills, technology or infrastructure.

Talend: software to drive social data analytics.

Talend's big data software is a powerful and versatile product that lets you use social data analytics to develop business intelligence and drive business performance.

Talend solves the challenges of big data with easy-to-use tools that let developers work with cutting edge big data technologies without needing to learn new skills or write complex code. Running 100% natively in Hadoop, Talend includes components for leading big data platforms like YARN in Hadoop, (also known as MapReduce 2.0), HBase, Hive, HCatalog, Oozie, Sqoop and Pig. Talend provides more than 800 connectors that lets you quickly integrate all the sources you need for superior social data analytics. Using a graphical interface, developers can visually map big data sources and targets, and then perform complex transformations and analyses using the skills they already possess.

The benefits of Talend for social data analytics.

With Talend you can:

  • Begin working with social data analytics in hours – not months. With no infrastructure to invest in or new developers to train, Talend lets you start using social data analytics immediately for competitive advantage.
  • Integrate all the sources you need to drive analytics. Pre-built connectors let you integrate any data source in real-time big data or batch. And connectors for NoSQL database platforms like Cassandra, HBase, CouchDB, and Hortonworks for Hadoop lets your developers work with big data analytics without any specific NoSQL knowledge.
  • Manipulate data with ease. Developers can use existing skills to map, compare, filter, evaluate and group massive social data sets.
  • Administrate projects easily. Talend provides a simple, intuitive environment for scheduling, monitoring and deploying any social data analytics job.
  • Scale to any level. Talend delivers massive scalability by automatically generating the underlying code of any data connection as you add social data analytics jobs.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.