Real-Time Big Data

Real-time big data presents unique challenges for the enterprise.

Real-time big data offers the enterprise a wealth of intelligence. From making better and faster trades, to monitoring social data to personalizing web experiences based on real-time click activity, real-time big data can help transform nearly every aspect of business operations.

But the promise of real-time big data can only be realized with the right technology, and that's a problem for most organizations today. Legacy integration tools were never intended to deal with the complexity of real-time big data sources, and traditional data stores simply can't keep up with the massive data sets that real-time sources generate. And few programmers are familiar with the big data platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL that are needed to manipulate data in real-time.

To address these challenges, organizations could spend a lot of money on hiring the right developers and building a new integration infrastructure. Or they can save a lot of time and expense with big data software from Talend.

Talend delivers tools for real-time big data.

Talend Big Data provides a powerful open source product that makes it easy and affordable to use real-time big data to improve competitive advantage. With Talend, one can integrate real-time sources and manipulate big data with the skills and infrastructure that already exist within the company.

Talend runs 100% natively in Hadoop and offers components that are certified to work with leading Hadoop distributions like the Cloudera distribution and the MapR distribution. Pre-built connectors for NoSQL databases like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, CouchDB, Couchbase, Neo4J and Riak let developers work big data and cloud databases – without need to learn new skills or have specific NoSQL knowledge. And with components for the leading big data technologies – like Mapreduce 2.0, Hive, HCatalog, Oozie, Sqoop and Pig –people can quickly and easily load, extract, transform, and process real-time big data sets from disparate systems using the skillsets they already have.

Benefits of Talend for working with real-time big data.

Simply put, Talend makes it easy to develop, integrate and manage real-time big data:

  • Pull real-time big data from any source. With more than 800 pre-built connectors, Talend quickly connects to any real-time source.
  • Integrate historic or real-time big data easily. Developers can use Talend's graphical environment to visually map real-time data sources and targets without needing to learn new skills or take the time to write complicated code.
  • Analyze massive big data sets quickly. With Talend, developers with zero big data programming skills can nevertheless quickly perform complex transformations and analyses on real-time big data.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.