Pig Hadoop

Pig for Hadoop delivers powerful big data benefits.

For organizations seeking to manipulate real-time big data more effectively, Apache Pig for Hadoop provides a powerful set of tools. Pig is a high-level procedural language platform that makes it easier to query large data sets in Hadoop and MapReduce. Pig for Hadoop supports many useful operations like aggregation, joining, filtering, sorting and splitting. Pig has a structure that is responsive to significant parallelization and provides several complex data types. By enabling developers to use the MapReduce program to write complex transformations using a simple scripting language, Pig for Hadoop has become the favorite leading organizations that use it to follow capital markets, mine social data, perform sensor data analytics, and improve business performance

But before implementing Pig for Hadoop, organizations must first resolve some significant issues. The question of who will manage Pig is paramount – few developers have been trained in this platform and those with skills are already filling highly paid jobs at leading enterprises. And then there's the issue of infrastructure – legacy architecture and integration tools won't be able to handle the incredible amount of information and the growing number of data sources Pig for Hadoop will need to manage. Yet overhauling enterprise infrastructure to support modern platforms like Pig can be a very expensive proposition.

Talend simplifies management of Pig for Hadoop.

Talend provides a big data software solution that addresses these issues for Pig easily and inexpensively. Built on an open source platform, Talend software lets organizations work with leading big data technologies using the people and infrastructure they already have in place.

With Talend, developers can quickly connect to any data source without needing special skills or writing complicated code. More than 800 pre-built connectors make it simple to connect to a wide variety of data sources in just minutes. Developers can also use their existing skills to expertly transform and analyze massive data sets in Pig for Hadoop, providing big data expertise without needing the organization to invest in new training or infrastructure.

Talend provides components that lets developers work with big data technologies like Pig for Hadoop, MapReduce 2.0 (YARN for big data), HBase, and Hive, the Hadoop database. Talent also works with leading Hadoop distributions and big data platforms like the Hortonworks Data Platform, MapR, IBM PureData, Cloudera, and Amazon EMR.

Why choose Talend for Pig for Hadoop?

Talend's innovative software for big data lets organizations:

  • Integrate any data source with the built connectors. NoSQL connectors enable developers to work with leading databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB and HBase without needing any specific NoSQL knowledge.
  • Manipulate data easily using the massively parallel environment of Pig and Hadoop.
  • Scale with ease, as Talend automatically generates the underlying code for each connection as new big data clusters are added.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.