Enterprise Integration Patterns

Enterprise Integration Patterns are supported with Talend Open Source Middleware

Enterprise integration patterns, as codified and popularized by Hohpe and Woolf, are commonly employed means of addressing the numerous design and implementation challenges posed by modern system integration projects. Derived from obse rvation of practice across many cases, enterprise integration patterns encompass multiple facets of integration including message channel patterns, message construction, message routing and mediation, endpoint behavior, and system management. Employing a proven enterprise integration pattern enables designers and developers to solve an integration problem more quickly and reliably.

Talend's open source application integration solutions further boost developer productivity by building enterprise integration pattern support directly into the software. Enterprise integration pattern support is available in several Talend integration solutions.

Talend Enterprise Service Bus Standard Edition

Talend Enterprise Service Bus Standard Edition is a high-performance distributed service bus that embeds easily into your existing environment to create "smart endpoints". This open source ESB is lightweight and flexible enough to service a wide range of integration projects and processes. The system supports dynamic message routing and mediation based on enterprise integration pattern as well as customized rules.

Talend Open Studio for ESB

Talend Open Studio for ESB is an innovative, Eclipse based tooling environment for modeling, configuring, and deploying integration solutions using the Apache-based open source Enterprise Service Bus, Talend ESB. Talend Open Studio for ESB eliminates the lengthy learning curve typical of most integration tools and allows developers to quickly and more easily build integration Web services, data services, REST applications and messaging, enterprise integration patterns and mediation routes. Users can simply drag-and-drop basic enterprise integration pattern components and connectors onto a graphical workspace, draw connections and relationships between them, and set component specific properties.

Talend ESB

Talend ESB is a reliable and scalable enterprise service bus (ESB) that allows development teams to
holistically address integration projects – combining application integration and data management for complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Built on top of the Talend Unified Platform, Talend ESB frees data management processes that are traditionally bound to specific applications by abstracting them as standards-based services that can be reused by other applications. The reuse of data services across multiple applications maximizes the value of initial investments in standalone data integration solutions.

Talend delivers the only unified platform that makes data management and application integration easier by providing a unified environment for managing the entire lifecycle across enterprise boundaries. The Talend unified platform combines common graphical tooling, repository, deployment, execution and monitoring capabilities, allowing organizations to rapidly take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.