Cassandra and Hadoop

Cassandra and Hadoop deliver big data benefits.

Cassandra and Hadoop are essential technologies for many companies seeking to enter the age of big data. The Hadoop big data framework provides the reliable, scalable and distributed computing enterprises need to manage massive amounts of data. And Cassandra's linear scalability and proven fault tolerance make it an indispensable database for storing and processing business-critical data.

But implementing and managing Cassandra and Hadoop raises a lot of questions for any enterprise. Do they have the infrastructure in place to support it? Most organizations don't and will need to acquire modern data platforms that delivery greater efficiency and manageability. Will legacy integration tools be adequate to manage massive data sets? Likely not – most legacy systems can't scale quickly enough to manage big data and all the new data sources that are emerging. Do they have developers on staff who can manage a Cassandra and Hadoop implementation? Doubtful, as very few developers have skills in these technologies.

The choice for any enterprise seeking to utilize Cassandra and Hadoop is whether to invest a lot of time and money in training staff and acquiring new infrastructure – or to rely on Talend software for big data, which provides easy-to-use tools that let organizations manage Cassandra and Hadoop with the resources you have today.

Talend software solutions for Cassandra and Hadoop.

Talend Big Data is a powerful and versatile open source product that simplifies the job of working with big data technologies like Hadoop and Cassandra. With Talend, organizations can take advantage of the power of big data to drive and improve business performance.

Talend software provides a broad set of tools that make it easy to load, extract and improve massive amounts of data from disparate sources using the skills and infrastructure developers have right now. Running 100% natively on Hadoop, Talend includes components for MapReduce 2.0 (YARN), HBase, Pig, Hive and other big data technologies as well as connectors for Cassandra/Hadoop integration and other NoSQL and cloud databases.

Simplify management of Cassandra and Hadoop.

Talend lets organizations easily implement and manage Cassandra and Hadoop with tools for:

  • Easy integration. Talend provides more than 800 connectors that let organizations quickly pull data from any source. Developers can visually map data sources to targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment, without needing to learn new skills or write complicated code.
  • Quick transformation. With Talend, developers can perform complex transformations and analyses on big data sets using the skills they have today.
  • Massive scalability. Once a Hadoop connector has been configured, Talend automatically generates the underlying code which can be deployed remotely as a job that runs natively on each new big data cluster.
  • Superior data quality. Hadoop data profiling lets organizations collect information and statistics about data to assess data quality, repurposing and metadata.
  • Streamlined project governance. Talend provides a simple and intuitive environment for scheduling, monitoring and deploying any Hadoop/Cassandra job.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.