Business Process Software

Making Business Process Software More Accessible to Organizations and Users

Nearly all organizations recognize that their success hinges on the effectiveness of the processes by which they conduct their day-to-day activities. Most know also that business process software can help to improve those processes. Until recently, however, the business process software market has been dominated by a few commercial vendors pitching expensive solutions that often entailed wholesale reengineering of customers' IT infrastructures. With such costs and time involved, and the prospect of getting locked into a closed, proprietary business process development platform, many organizations have understandably held back, despite the known benefits that business process software can deliver.

With Talend, the open source integration company, the financial and technical barriers are removed so that any organization can reap the benefits of technology-powered business process optimization.

Business Process Software for Any Organization

Talend is the world's leading provider of open source solutions for data management and application integration. Talend Enterprise BPM, Talend's business process software solution, is powered by Bonita Open Solution from BonitaSoft, the pioneer and leader in the open source BPM space. With this open source solution from Talend and BonitaSoft, powerful business process software is now accessible to any organization:

  • As an open source solution, Bonita Open Solution is free to download and use under an open source license. No cost hurdles, no long budget battles to wage – just versatile, feature-rich business process software, ready to use today.
  • Packed with connector components that make it easy to interlink nearly any type of database or package enterprise application, this flexible open source platform enables business data integration in any IT environment.

Business Process Software that's Easy to Use

Talend's and BonitaSoft's open source business process software is easy for business managers, analysts, and developers to use for all stages of business process development and optimization, including:

  • Business process modeling, made simple with drag 'n drop design in a graphical workspace.
  • Business process simulation, enabling analysts to test modeled processes against varying input variables and boundary conditions.
  • Business process integration, leveraging event processing capabilities that allow processes to be triggered by events occurring within other processes.
  • Business process deployment and execution, driven by a powerful and scalable BPM engine.
  • Business process monitoring, facilitated by customizable KPIs, reports, and dashboards.