Business Process Modeling

Powerful Business Process Modeling in an Open Source BPM Solution

Business process modeling is the first step to improving your organization's operational processes. Modeling clarifies your current processes, gives form to promising alternatives, and facilitates communication among stakeholders. Talend, the open source integration company, empowers organizations to take this vital first step to better processes today, rather than someday. With Talend you can download and put right to work powerful open source software that delivers all you need for business process modeling and other facets of business process development.

Easy, Versatile Business Process Modeling

Powered by Bonita Open Solution, from BPM technology leader BonitaSoft, Talend's open source business process software features a graphical design environment that enables business users to quickly and efficiently create rich models of existing and proposed processes. In a central workspace akin to a white board, analysts can model any type of transactional, administrative, or business management process by dragging components from a palette, arranging and configuring them. Embedded user assistance provides step-by-step business process modeling guidance to first time users.

While easy to use, Talend's open source business process modeling solution is fully featured. To help users build precise models and effective processes, Talend includes advanced functionality like:

  • Role resolvers and filters to incorporate role-based task assignments into your models.
  • Validation mechanisms that warn you if your models are configured improperly or are missing key pieces.
  • Business process simulation functionality that lets you "run" your processes to see how they perform under configurable conditions.
  • Process versioning that enables you to store and manage interim versions of a process design.

From Business Process Modeling to Development and Deployment

Of course, business process optimization doesn't end with business process modeling. Talend's open source business process software fully supports all stages of process management from business process modeling on through to development, deployment, execution, and monitoring.

Through the Talend graphical development environment, developers can quickly turn models into executable applications, without having to do manual coding. A powerful runtime engine supports process execution at any scale, and sophisticated event processing technology facilitates business process integration whereby events within one process trigger the start of another process. For business managers, customizable KPIs and dashboards enable monitoring of process performance.