Big Data

Big data presents big challenges for enterprises.

The potential benefits that big data offers the enterprise are enormous. From transforming business processes to predicting what customers and markets will do, big data can provide incredible competitive advantage to the organization that can harness it.

But To take advantage of everything big data offers, enterprises need a new set of big data tools and solutions. Few developers have the skillsets to work in big data platforms, and few organizations have the infrastructure to handle the volume of information from multiple and disparate enterprise data sources – ERPs, databases, cloud-based applications, SaaS applications, data warehouses, social media and more. Legacy integration technologies and existing integration infrastructure simply can't keep up with the demands big data places on IT.

To move quickly to harness the power and manage the complexity of big data, enterprises need easy-to-implement solutions that deliver value and functionality on day one, without the need for specialist knowledge or resources. That's why so many leading enterprises have turned to Talend.

Talend: a comprehensive big data management solution.

Talend offers a powerful open source big data solution that simplifies the task of integrating and working with big data technologies in order to deliver better business performance.

Talend software for big data enables data-driven businesses to immediately begin to integrate data from historical, live and emerging data sources. By simplifying the development skills needed to handle big data, Talend gives organizations the tools to instantly unlock the value in their data without needing to invest in new architecture or training for developers. Ultimately, instead of focusing on how to access and integrate data, Talend lets enterprises focus on everything they can do with the data to gain competitive advantage.

Simplify big data integration.

With Talend, enterprises can:

  • Simplify integration. Talend is a zero footprint solution that provides native support of modern big data platforms. It takes the complexity out of big data integration and gives IT the tools it needs to be more responsive to the demands of the business at a cost that is predictable.
  • Scale easily. Using an intuitive graphical environment, developers can visually map big data sources and targets without needing to learn or write complicated code. Talend Big Data runs a 100% natively on Hadoop architecture and delivers massive scalability. Once developers have configured a big data connection, Talend automatically generates the underlying code which can be deployed remotely as a job that runs natively on big data clusters like HBase, Sqoop, Hive, HDFS, HCatalog, or Pig.
  • Connect to multiple data sources. Talend includes pre-built connectors for more than 800 data sources – including HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Couchbase, Neo4J and Riak – so you can transform and integrate data in real-time or batch without specific knowledge of traditional and NoSQL databases.

Talend solutions include Talend Open Studio for Big Data, Talend Big Data with teamwork and management features, and Talend  Big Data Platform with additional big data quality and profiling, and higher levels of service.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.

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