What’s New in Talend Summer ‘16

Burst the data bottleneck with governed, self-service data preparation



Accelerate Insight

Talend Summer ’16 delivers the latest innovations for Talend Data Preparation, Talend Big Data and Talend Integration Cloud to keep your business ahead of the competition.



Talend Data Preparation for the enterprise



Complex data mapping simplified on Spark



Cloud data warehousing streamlined for AWS Redshift

Whats’ New in Talend Summer ’16

Collaborate on data prep like never before.


Talend combines data preparation and data integration into a single, unified platform that transforms how IT and business turn data into insight. Empower any decision maker to catalog, cleanse, and shape data from any source for use anywhere. Your data experts design the integration rules, while IT provides data governance and facilitates collaboration across batch, bulk, and master data management scenarios. Available with every subscription product, so you can deliver self-service data prep at enterprise scale.


Reduce complex data integration from weeks to minutes.

Talend Data Mapper streamlines complex data processing on Spark and Hadoop so you can increase productivity and performance for Big Data, Real-Time Big Data, and Data Fabric integrations. Now, you can parse, validate, and transform complex message formats on Spark without hand coding in XML, CSV, iDoc, Avro, JSON, EDI, COBOL and more. Apply and test syntactic and semantic validation rules for big data integrations to ensure data accuracy and compliance. Get results fast by running everything at speed and scale on Spark.

Streamline cloud data warehousing on AWS Redshift.


Get your data warehousing projects off the ground and into the cloud faster. Talend’s support for the latest AWS Redshift and EMR APIs enables higher performing extract and load operations. Use Talend data profiling on AWS Redshift to analyze metadata and optimize data warehousing jobs more quickly. Includes enterprise-grade SSL communication between Talend jobs and AWS Redshift, as well as support for AWS S3 server and client-side encryption.

Additional Updates

Talend Integration Cloud

  • Supports cluster resizing for AWS EMR and Redshift to optimize computing and storage resources
  • Introduces AWS DynamoDB support with high performance reads/writes from a Spark job
  • Supports latest Salesforce, Salesforce Wave, and Marketo APIs
Big Data

  • Introduces machine learning-based data matching and deduplication on Spark (Technical preview)
  • Delivers faster performance on Spark connecting to AWS Redshift, MongoDB and DynamoDB
  • New Spark MLlib components for image classification, text analysis, decision tree classification, and gradient-boosted tree forecasting
  • Enables update of Hadoop distributions without Talend Studio re-install

Data Integration

  • Includes a Talend Data Preparation subscription license
  • Provides continuous delivery enhancements for Git improving productivity
  • Deepens support for AWS Redshift and S3

  • Introduces machine learning-based data matching and deduplication on Spark (Technical preview)
  • Graphical modelling for MDM and improved hierarchy exploration with filtering and graphs
  • New integration component, tMDMRestInput for improved performance

  • Allows ESB routes to be run as a Spring Boot microservice for modular development
  • Unifies Data Integration and ESB interface perspectives to improve productivity
  • Updates components for Apache Kafka and MQTT for enhanced ESB, Cloud, Big data interoperability

Extend Your Integration Reach

Talend Studio features over 900 enterprise application components and connectors. For a complete list, go to  Talendforge.org.


New and Enhanced Hadoop and NoSQL Platforms

  • Cloudera: 5.7
  • Hortonworks: 2.4
  • MapR: 5.1
  • Spark 1.6
  • Amazon EMR 4.5, 4.6
  • Microsoft Azure HDInsight 3.4
  • Cassandra 3.4
  • MongoDB 3.2
  • AWS DynamoDB

New and Updated Components

  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • Salesforce, Salesforce Wave (Spring ’16)
  • Marketo
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS S3
  • ExaSol ELT
  • Vertica
  • Splunk
  • JIRA
  • MQTT
  • Kafka


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