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What it DoesDeploy Big Data Solutions in Hours not Weeks

Many have experimented with complex big data technologies to tap into information from less structured sources such as social media, email, Internet text and sensor networks. Talend provides powerful and versatile open source, big data solutions that include a broad set of tools to help you load, extract and improve disparate data while leveraging the massively parallel processing power of big data technologies including Apache Hadoop. Big data code generation runs natively in Hadoop, minimizing deployment and management costs.

How it WorksA Comprehensive Big Data Management Solution

Big Data Integration

Landing big data (from log files, operational systems, social media, sensors, or other sources) into a big data platform such as Apache Hadoop, Google Cloud Platform, Netezza, Teradata or Vertica is a cinch with the breadth of big data components provided by Talend. A full set of Talend data integration components (application, database, service and even a master data hub) is available, so that data movement can be orchestrated from any source to any target. NoSQL connectivity is simplified with pre-built graphical connectors.

Big Data Quality

Talend provides big data quality functions that take advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop, allowing you to understand the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data as well as to remove duplicates. Hadoop data profiling allows you do collect information and statistics about big data to assess data quality, repurposing and metadata. Additional functions of the big data solutions include standardization, parsing, enrichment, matching, survivorship and monitoring on-going data quality.

Big Data Manipulation

Talend changes the game for integration developers, providing a new paradigm for working with Hadoop, Pig, NoSQL, even Redshift and Google Big Query, enabling them to perform complex transformations and analysis on massive amounts of data in little time. Use the skills you have today to map, compare, filter, evaluate and group data and securely run in any big data environment.

Big Data Project Governance and Administration

Talend provides big data governance through a simple, intuitive environment for implementing and deploying a big data program with the ability to schedule, monitor and deploy any big data job. Also included is a common repository so developers can collaborate and share project metadata and artifacts.

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Total Data Management

"Big data" is information of extreme size, diversity, complexity and need for rapid processing.


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