Metadata Bridge

Accelerate integration design and development with better metadata visibility

Talend subscription products include Metadata Bridge, a tool to exchange metadata across integration jobs. Metadata Bridge accelerates design and continuous improvement of integration by sharing, synchronizing and managing metadata across your enterprise data environment.

  • Design once, deploy everywhere
  • Synchronize updates across data platforms
  • Shift from rip and replace to upgrade and refresh
  • Give business users more visibility and control

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Design once, deploy everywhere

Metadata Bridge seamlessly integrates Talend with market-leading data, object and process modeling tools to share, sync, and manage metadata for new and existing jobs. Use Metadata Bridge to keep Talend jobs and repositiories in sync with your IT landscapes during the project life-cycle.

  • Reduce implementation time and maintenance costs
  • Increase data quality and compliance
  • Increased agility and productivity

Synchronize updates across your data platforms

Metadata Bridge synchronizes metadata across databases, business intelligence tools, data flows and applications and automatically generates low-level technical structures from high level descriptions.

  • Apply changes once, propagate everywhere
  • Enforce development standards and naming conventions
  • Automatically generate metadata across tools

From rip and replace to upgrade and refresh

Metadata Bridge makes it easier to upgrade, convert or re-platform. Data definitions are replicated between platforms, propagated across tools, while mappings and transformations can be converted to Talend.

  • Refresh platforms without losing design and implementation investments
  • Reduce time and efforts for upgrades, conversion and re-platforming by 50%
  • Offload your data platform to Big Data

Increase collaboration with the lines of business for design

Using Excel, Access, Visio, or other tools, users can share metadata, mappings and apply conversion rules for prototyping, compliance, and change management.

  • Put authoring for Talend mappings and transformations inthe hands of lines of business
  • Apply common formats for specifications and development
  • Avoid delays at runtime for quick fix in case of change 

Choose Your Integration Solution

Talend subscription integration products include Metadata Bridge as a feature to help you refresh, renew, and deploy faster.

End-to-End Visibility and Control

For enterprise-wide transparency and governance across tens to hundreds of systems, learn more about Talend Metadata Manager.