Create a Single View of Data

Talend’s MDM solutions turn disparate, inconsistent information across your business, such as product and customer data, into a single “version of the truth”, providing increased confidence in the decisions you make.


What it DoesRapid, Powerful and Flexible Data Mastering

Talend MDM provides the technology to create a unified view of information and manage that master view over time. Talend simplifies Master Data Management with a flexible and open approach to master data projects, and combines complete functionality for data integration, data quality, data profiling, data mastering, and data governance. Talend MDM provides collaborative workflow enabling teams to build and enforce data governance policies. It provides a system of record and ensures that master data stays clean and is made available to those who need it.

How it WorksFirst Open MDM Solution

Master Any Domain

Talend provides the scalability and flexibility to model and master any domain. You can start by mastering a single domain and incrementally increase this to include other domains all within a single deployment. You can define advanced business rules, validations, access rights and registry lookups directly on the model. The model sits at the center of the MDM solution and drives all interactions with closed loop quality, workflow and end to end integration functions.

Powerful Business User Interface

The Talend graphical user interface provides the business user a rich utility to search and manage master data. Standard composite views are provided to gain a 360-degree view of any mastered entity or to investigate a hierarchy. Business–oriented views can be specified with the Smart View custom form designer.

Workflow and Business Processes

Talend allows you to define and track master data through a series of steps using tasks. This workflow uses an intuitive graphical interface and displays a graphical trail of process steps for contextual history. Every create, read, update or delete of master data is evaluated and initiates an event to look for a duplicate, enrich data, synchronize a back-end system, send an email and even kick off a custom workflow.

Data Quality Built-in

Talend MDM provides built in comprehensive data quality features. These cover data profiling, data standardization, parsing and next generation data matching that provides a superior alternative to overly complex processes used by legacy vendors. Sophisticated matching algorithms are provided to help find duplicates and probable duplicates. Stewardship and survivorship components define common business rules to apply to sets of duplicate records and automate the creation of a single master.

Manage Permissions, Users and Groups

Role-based access controls are applied to every concept in Talend MDM - from read/write access to master data attributes to workflow and user permissions.

Specifications - Master Data Management

The [Talend MDM] solution met all of our business requirements, and delivered a cost-effective proposal in terms of development and license fees.

Jeremy Gidley
TUI UK and Ireland

Compare Master Data Management

Talend provides two master data management editions to address all your needs: Talend Open Studio for MDM is a free, open source development tool and Talend Platform for MDM adds advanced deployment and management functions.


Talend Open Studio for MDM

Talend Platform for MDM

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