Data Integration

What it DoesTransform and Integrate Data Between Systems

Talend’s data integration products provide an extensible, highly-performant, open source set of tools to access, transform and integrate data from any business system in real time or batch to meet both operational and analytical data integration needs. With 800+ connectors, it integrates almost any data source. The broad range of use cases addressed include: massive scale integration (big data/ NoSQL), ETL for business intelligence and data warehousing, data synchronization, data migration, data sharing, and data services.

How it WorksUnified, Complete and Open Data Integration

A Comprehensive Solution

Talend provides a Business Modeler, a visual tool for designing business logic for an application; a Job Designer, a visual tool for functional diagramming, delineating data development and flow sequencing using components and connectors; and a Metadata Manager, for storing and managing all project metadata, including contextual data such as database connection details and file paths.

Broad Connectivity to All Systems

Talend connects natively to databases, packaged applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), SaaS and Cloud applications, mainframes, files, Web services, data warehouses, data marts, and OLAP applications. It offers built-in advanced components for ETL including string manipulators, Slowly Changing Dimensions, automatic lookup handling and bulk loading. Direct integration is provided with data quality, data matching, MDM and related functions. Talend connects to popular cloud apps including and SugarCRM.

Teamwork and Collaboration

The shared repository consolidates all project information and enterprise metadata in a centralized repository shared by all stakeholders: business users, job developers, and IT operations staff. Developers can easily version jobs with the ability to roll-back to a prior version.

Advanced Management and Monitoring

Talend includes powerful testing, debugging, management and tuning features with real-time tracking of data execution statistics and an advanced trace mode. The product incorporates tools for managing the simplest jobs to the most complex ones, from single jobs to thousands of jobs. Processes can be deployed across enterprise and grid systems as data services using the export tool.

Specifications: Data Integration

We have enjoyed a rapid return on investment due to the simplicity of the tool (quick and easy to use) and also because of the increased productivity of business users.

Cédric Rouzeaud
ING Lease