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Integration software for the data-driven enterprise

Talend’s unified, open source approach to integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership so you can harness more data than ever before and realize its full business potential faster.

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Every organization’s path to becoming data driven is different. Choose the solution that fits your business challenge today and Talend makes it easy to expand to the next milestone on your journey.

Speed Implementation with a Unified Platform

Only Talend delivers a common set of powerful, easy-to-use tools for cloud and on-premises integration, data quality and master data management. With Talend, your team can shift effortlessly between projects.

Talend Unified Platform


Talend Studio makes modeling and design easy with a drag-and-drop, Eclipse-based user interface.


A single repository across all Talend products enables sharing and reuse to save time and ensure consistency.


A centralized console makes it easy to schedule and manage cloud, ground and hybrid deployments


One run-time environment for batch processing, message routing and web services reduces processing demands upon execution.


A web-based console simplifies monitoring and modifying projects for all users.

Expand Your Options with Open Architecture

Talend’s open source products and open architecture create unmatched flexibility so you can solve integration challenges your way. By fostering a community of innovators, Talend speeds product development to address the latest platforms and use cases. Download our core Talend Open Studio products for free and join our open source community:

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Lower TCO
with Predictable Costs

Talend subscription pricing comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional data management and integration solutions. An open, lightweight architecture leverages existing infrastructure and grows with new development for lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Keep cost in check with pricing based on developers, not the size of your data or the number of nodes in your cluster.

A Commitment to Service and Support

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Start Small, Think Big

Every path to realizing the full business value of data is different. With over 2 million product downloads of Talend open source solutions and 1700 enterprise customers, Talend is a proven partner on the journey to connecting the data-driven enterprise. How can we help?

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The combined power of Talend's data and application integration solutions equips IT to deliver all data where, when, and how the business needs it. The Talend platform connects and integrates any type of data source, and delivers data in any form, style, velocity or location. Rich data quality, data governance, data services, security and monitoring capabilities enable organizations to better manage data resources, processes and integrity.

Work natively with all big data technologies including Hadoop and NoSQL

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Address all data integration needs for simple to complex projects, on-premises to Cloud

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Improve the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data

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Turn disparate, inconsistent information into a single version of the truth

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Simplify the connection, mediation and management of services and applications

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Enable IT and business users to rapidly create and optimize business processes

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Platform for Big Data

Big data integration, quality, manipulation, governance and administration

Platform for Enterprise Integration

Build, connect, mediate, and control services and business processes

Platform Universal

Data, application and process integration and management

Platform for Data Management

Data integration, profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring

Platform for Data Services

Build, integrate, mediate data, messages and application services

Platform for MDM

Master and service-enable any domain applying data governance policies


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