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Solocal Group is starting Big Data initiatives with Talend
Solocal Group uses Talend Enterprise Data Integration to process and migrate mobile audience data to their BI and data warehouse repositories; and plans to bring their Big Data strategy to life using Talend solutions,
This customer testimonial video with Abed Ajraou, Head of BI at Solocal Group (a group that includes French Yellow Pages), discusses how they use Talend’s ETL solution to process and migrate mobile audience data to their BI and data warehouse repositories. He also describes how Talend’s Data Integration solution’s native code generation saves them from doing too much scripting and enables them to transfer knowledge more easily. Watch this short video to learn more about Solocal Group’s plans to bring their Big Data strategy to life using Talend solutions.

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Sony Online Entertainment Leverages Talend for its Real-Time Gaming Analytics
Talend Data Integration processes analysis data in real time, boosts in-game revenue for newest Massively Multiplayer Online game.
The entry barrier is very low. Anyone with any mainstream database or Java experience can download Talend and start using it immediately. We got up to speed very quickly and started team collaboration across the company. The transition to Talend Data Integration - the subscription product - was seamless. Our staff is technical and Talend is a great fit for us because it can be customized and optimized as we need.

Anand Rao
Director of Business Intelligence

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Springg Delivers Data to Farmers in Need with Talend ESB
Trying to feed the world is no easy feat –Springg; Dutch Sprouts’ IT-platform, is doing its part by making it possible to provide fertilizer advice to farmers in the most remote regions of the globe.
From day one, we were positively surprised by how quickly we could roll out solutions, thanks to the combination of Talend ESB and our consultants.

Wouter Kerkhof

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SupplyFrame Automates Catalog Building and Updates
Content and advertising network for the industrial electronics industry leverages Talend Data Integration to automate product updates from multiple sources.
The time savings are very apparent. What used to take us two weeks to develop, now takes less than a day - that's a 90% savings, not only in development costs but also in making new sources of information available.

Andrew Brown
Vice President of Content

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Tele Columbus slashes data processing windows from one month to one day – with self-service business intelligence platform and up-to-the-minute data
Talend Data Integration at Tele Columbus
Out of all of the providers that met our requirements profile, the Talend solution offered the most attractive price/performance ratio. Today, we can consolidate data for our reports every day and are still much faster than before. This has opened up a host of new opportunities for us.

Reiko Paerschke
BI Team Leader at Tele Columbus

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The Agglomeration Community of Châtellerault Develops its Data using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
The geographic data of its GIS is enhanced by external information (DGI, INSEE) to provide elected officials and department heads with new dimensions of analysis.
Using tools like Talend Open Studio for Data Integration helps us innovate to meet the needs of our elected officials and citizens because they offer many useful features, without breaking our budget. We can plan the expansion of our GIS with peace of mind.

Philippe Desvignes
GIS Project Manager

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The General Council of Nièvre Improves Business Analysis and Decision Making with Talend
The General Council of Nièvre uses Talend Open Studio for Data Integration to optimize data flow management and provide information to its IT decision makers. Plans are underway to implement Talend Data Integration.
We selected Talend Open Studio for Data Integration because of its ability to handle large data flows. The tool has tremendous potential for managing our data flows and offers many opportunities for automation, significantly improving productivity. In addition, the tool's graphical approach minimizes training time, something that was critical for our budget.

Philippe Capelle
IT Service Manager for the General Council of Nièvre

x Success Overview
The Hospice Général of Geneva Standardizes Its Information System Using Talend ESB
Thanks to the use of standard offers on the market, we no longer fear losing the historical data of our developments. In terms of quality, we no longer experience any difficulties in exchanging data with our external partners. With Talend ESB, we saved 2 to 3 days/person per week in all business departments.

Gilles Soler
Assistant Head of the IS Department

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Theis Consult Manages and Analyzes German Road Traffic
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration allows analysis of vehicle traffic volumes to better predict road congestion.
Compared to manual coding, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration saved us 57% of the development time-for the first project alone. Using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration also lets us reuse data integration processes from one project to another. This means that after an initial investment, we can leverage the work done for subsequent projects (with different structures and technologies) much faster than if we had to start over every time.

Christian Roszak

x Success Overview
Travelex Quote
We were looking for a solution that could provide a combination of cost-effectiveness, breadth of functionality and agility, while enabling us both to rapidly develop an interface to our solutions or processes and to develop the product quickly and intuitively configure it.

Derek Usher
CIO, Travelex

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Travis Perkins increases sales conversions by a significant margin with Talend Data Services
The leading building materials supplier in the U.K. standardizes data across products, customers, branches, and more to drive efficiencies and boost sales.
Providing more information and detail, will help customers find the products they want, improve the trust of our retail and merchant brands, making them more likely to buy and come back as a repeat customer.

David Todd
Group Data Director at Travis Perkins

x Success Overview
TUI UK & Ireland Partners With Talend For Single Customer View
The leading travel operator’s new customer engagement platform delivers a richer and more personalized travel experience
Working with Talend has been very effective, the people have been really helpful and engaging, all the projects went very smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

Louise Williams
General Manager Customer Engagement at TUI UK & Ireland

x Success Overview
TUI - Quote
We could not be happier with the results. [Talend MDM] has enabled us to provide customer data to our frontline sales and support teams in real time so they can really personalize the service they give customers.

Louise Williams
General Manager Customer Engagement at TUI

x Success Overview
UMIT Fights Cancer with Data Integration, Mining, and Analysis
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration helps UMIT process data and perform statistical analysis.
UMIT/biomed relies entirely on Talend's solutions for all data integration needs. We have high hopes that the IMGuS project will contribute to the reduction of prostate cancer mortality rates, and data integration is a critical part of this project. Talend is helping us save lives!

Dr. Bernhard Pfeifer
Associate Professor

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UNHCR Improves Decision-Making with Data Integration and Cartography
Talend's open source technologies are now a key part of a very large strategic project for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which will make it easier to map refugee camps throughout the world.
A great amount of data is gathered during humanitarian operations. Unfortunately, because a variety of formats are used and the data integration is too often built manually, we often can't make full use of this data. Today, with Talend, these perspectives can be completely revisited. This tool is truly ideal for making the best use of our data.

Edouard Legoupil
Geographical Information System Expert for West Africa

x Success Overview
Open Wide Modernizes Unifrance's Information System
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration implements a tight deadline migration performed with no data loss.
Ramp up on this tool is fast, easy, and doesn't raise major problems for people like us who specialize in open source technologies and Java. Because it is based on standards, we are never locked - we always keep control of our developments. For an integrator like Open Wide, this offers an independence that has positive end-effects on the customer.

David Robin
Project Leader, Open Wide

x Success Overview
University of Toulouse 1 Addresses Regulatory Constraints
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration consolidates application and security data, enabling reporting requirements mandated by new French regulations.
Our choice of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration was driven by both technical criteria - the solution is the best fit for our requirements; and by strategic reasons - the open source model and Talend's support and services around its solution guarantee our long-term investment.

Christian Armengaud
IT manager

x Success Overview
Vinci keeps its customers informed in real-time thanks to Talend
Vinci uses Talend Data Integration, ESB, and MDM solutions to manage their data across different subsidiaries including Vinci Autoroutes (Motorway branch) allowing them to offer consumers a real time look into road conditions through a mobile application.
This short video presents an interview of Erwan Jegaden, Project Manager at Vinci Construction France. It describes how Vinci uses Talend Data Integration, ESB, and MDM solutions to manage their data across their subsidiaries. He also discusses Vinci’s digitization strategy including a mobile application for Vinci Autoroutes (Motorway branch) that offer consumers a real time look into road conditions, as well as an electronic invoicing system for Vinci Holdings. Watch this short video for more details!

x Success Overview
Virgin Mobile Opts for the "ETL Unlimited" Package for Business Intelligence
Talend Data Integration helps Virgin Mobile France, the leading alternative mobile operator in France, drive its business operations.
Talend offers the only open source data integration solution which is really enterprise-ready and which provides all the necessary features - a professional solution, quality technical support, and a high degree of integration with MySQL and the rest of our environment. Its appropriation is easy and fast and it offers many customization options.

Lionel Beaudet
Technical Manager

x Success Overview
Virtusa, a global information technology (IT) services company provides high-value IT services that enable its clients to use data effectively to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service
Talend offered the best cost and price point, and could do everything the customer needed in terms of information quality, scale, integration, management of data, and ESB.

Kumar Ramamurthy
VP and Global Head


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