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Every path to realizing the full business value of data is different. With over 1300 enterprise customers, Talend is a proven partner on the journey to connecting the data-driven enterprise.

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x Success Overview
Parfumerie Douglas, a leading European beauty products retailer, needed a way to connect its multitude of disparate systems in order to reduce its time-to-order fulfillment process for a new product launch campaign
Talend delivered a flexible tool that supports agile processes and top notch professional support. Talend was a great implementation partner.

Thomas Kerschis
E-Commerce Manager

x Success Overview
TIMETOACT uses Talend to integrate data at Pernod Ricard
Basis for Uniform Reporting and Planning
The effort was well worth it, because we now benefit from a unified, reliable data pool. This base has made it possible again to make targeted decisions with promising potential.

Simon Hopkins
IT Manager of Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH

x Success Overview
Plastic Omnium Standardizes its Data Integration Processes with Talend
Business and information productivity gains, improved product quality, increased flexibility... Talend's solutions contribute to the increased agility of the group's information systems.
In the modern manufacturing world, a flexible information system that can adapt quickly to changing market is a necessity. Talend's solutions are very accessible and therefore meet this requirement perfectly.

Laurent Levesque
IS Project Manager

x Success Overview
Pokolm Automates Manufacturing Processes
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration improves data quality, sharply increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
Since we started to implement Talend's solutions, we have seen tangible business benefits (a sharp increase in data quality leading to higher productivity and higher customer satisfaction) as well as technical benefits (increased productivity of the development team and facilitated teamwork). Talend Open Studio for Data Integration has become the standard for all of Pokolm's data integration needs.

Maik Böttcher
IT Manager

x Success Overview
Poweo Organizes its Information System Architecture Using Talend Solutions
The leading alternative energy operator industrializes and secures several interfaces to the information system, while gaining productivity without increasing costs.
Talend Data Integration will help us secure our information systems through its monitoring functions. Additionally, given the economic nature of the product, we are not exposed to significant financial risks, a real plus since the solution is above all reliable and efficient. With Talend, we can confidently plan the future because we know that we can respond to more requests than ever before, quickly and reliably.

Nicolas Hannoun
Manager of Application Architecture

x Success Overview
Building Greater Profitability and New Business Opportunities with Cloudera and Talend
Working with Cloudera and Talend, PRGX is implementing a data discovery and analytics environment that empowers auditors to quickly find relevant emails, confirm agreements regarding deals or promotions, and correlate the relevant data.

x Success Overview
PriceMinister.com Automating Data Exchanges Improves Reactivity
PriceMinister.com integrates near-real-time price changes and partner inventory- between 1,000 and 2,000 data files per day.
Updating 1,000 to 2,000 data files daily requires reliability and a processing ability that many integration solutions lack, particularly those in this price range. Talend fits seamlessly into our information system, which is critical to our business. With more than 100 million items on offer, it's important that we don't overload our systems and degrade the fast response times that our customers expect.

Justin Ziegler
Co-Founder and Information Systems Manager

x Success Overview
Prime Numbers Technology Revolutionizes the Analysis of Corporate Travel Spending
Talend Data Integration simplifies, streamlines, and improves business travel programs.
Talend has given us the ability to reach into markets we couldn't target before. We didn't have the right tools to handle data collection and consolidation in an appropriate time frame with the resources we had available. We would have needed an entire department and a huge budget to do what Talend Data Integration lets us do with just a handful of people. Talend is the reason that we're in business today.

Rock Blanco

x Success Overview
Prodague Improves the Reliability of its Purchasing Processes
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration enables high productivity gains by removing duplicate data entries and automating consistency controls.
Talend's development platform was deployed quickly and implemented without problem. The user-friendliness of the tool saved development time and the documentation answered every question that came up. The graphical user interface made maintenance, testing, and adjustment very easy. Everything is readable and clear.

Claude-André Novet
IT Manager

x Success Overview
Prosodie Chooses Talend Data Integration to Improve Customer Reporting
The leader in multichannel transactional flows deployed Talend’s open source integration solution to aggregate 12 million telecom and IVR tickets on a daily basis.
Not only have processing performances improved, but we have much less data loss than before.

Benoît Aubry
Project Manager at Prosodie

x Success Overview
Rocheplane Medical Center Automates Interapplication Exchanges Using Talend ESB
The medical center located in the department of Isère uses Talend ESB to optimize and secure data exchanges between different applications, while fostering the scalability of its information system
Thanks to Talend ESB, our IT architecture is now completely scalable. The integration of new tools – as well as the communication of these tools with the rest of the HIS – is facilitated by the flexibility of the ESB bus, while not challenging our IT architecture.

Damien Montalan
IT Manager of the Rocheplane Medical Center

x Success Overview
RTBF takes Talend Data Integration on the Air
The overall flow of data integration-including operational reporting and the preparation and budgetary control-is now based on Talend Enterprise Data Integration.
A major consideration was that Talend is open source and its community of active users ensures that the tools are rapidly updated and that user concerns are taken into account. In addition, these solutions have extensive connectivity which facilitates integrating them into our information systems. Talend Data Integration's graphical interface is particularly quick to learn and use, making it easier to develop jobs or data flows and deploy them, and Talend's Java orientation is perfected suited to our developers.

Jean-Pierre Hoedenaeken
BI Manager

x Success Overview
Saint-Gobain Research Integrates and Analyzes its Data to Promote Innovation
One of Saint-Gobain's main research centers uses Talend Open Studio for Data Integration to respond more quickly to its clients.
Talend was the only vendor offering a truly powerful open source tool capable of seamlessly integrating to our information system. Aside from the financial aspect, the participation of the community, in terms of support, development, and bug tracking really appealed to us. Finally, Talend Open Studio Data Integration's flexibility and the variety of connectors convinced us.

Clément Bourgeois
IT Project Manager

x Success Overview
Schwermetall Leverages Talend for SAP Analysis
Professional analysis of SAP data made affordable by open source.
Talend enables us to run analysis that include current SAP data, something we would otherwise never be able to afford.

Karsten Neumann
Technical Manager

x Success Overview
ScoreMD Upgrades Customer Data Using Talend Data Integration
The ASP Data Mining specialist integrates large volumes of heterogeneous data using Talend’s open source integration solution to evaluate the investment capacity of online shoppers.
The solution selected had to fit into this type of architecture and the fact that Talend Data Integration is Cloud-ready significantly accelerated our deployment.

Vincent Teyssier
BI Architect at ScoreMD

x Success Overview
SEMIDEP Integrates Heterogeneous Data for Faster Decision Making
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration consolidates numerous data sources in a MySQL database.
Beyond the mere cost of licenses, a traditional data integration solution would require expert consultants that would increase the cost and complexity of our information system even more. In this type of project, open source software helps control costs, and also increases the reliability and flexibility of our systems.

Philippe Daniel
IT Operations Manager

x Success Overview
Talend helps SHAM make business users more autonomous
The leading medical liability insurer in France uses Talend open source technology to streamline its interapplication exchanges, improve operational reporting and industrialize its strategic management processes
Thanks to Talend, we have secured and developed a major strategic management process, while making our business specialists independent, who no longer need the IT department to develop their applications.

Raphaël Guichard,
Head of SHAM’s BI Division of the IT Department

x Success Overview
Sitelynx Searches with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration consolidates data from multiple sources for consistent analysis and data mining.
We selected an open source solution, not only because of the budget considerations, but also for power and extensibility. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration proved to be the right decision for us. The product is feature-rich, stable and robust. It doesn't take a lot of time to build data integration processes, which is important in our fast moving business environment.

Peter Loleit
Head of SEO and Technology

x Success Overview
Talend keeps data flowing for Sky TV
TV viewing has never been better
The decision to go with Talend was just right. They were able to tick every box in our specifications and we are happy with the customer-friendly functionalities of the open-source licensing model.

Krishnan Venkatasubramanian
Head of IT Architecture at Sky Deutschland

x Success Overview
The Traction Division of the SNCF experiments with urbanization and innovation using Talend ESB
The information systems of large companies often consist of silos that should be opened up to meet new business demands. Technology like that offered by Talend allows us to achieve this by implementing mediation layers to decouple flows between data producers and consumers, avoiding the infamous spaghetti plots in our information systems

Emmanuel Berthomé
IS Manager of the SNCF Traction Division


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