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Every path to realizing the full business value of data is different. With over 1300 enterprise customers, Talend is a proven partner on the journey to connecting the data-driven enterprise.

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x Success Overview
m2oCity, a leader in IoT and sensors, is utilizing Talend to process large volumes of data generated by their millions of smart meters daily and distribute it quickly in a user-friendly format that enables customers to develop new value-added services
We’ve been doing IoT as a service with Talend for the past 2 years, building a scalable and valuable solution for the years to come.

Christophe Roussel
Infrastructure Manager

x Success Overview
Mabuchi Motor Company Integrates Enterprise System and Package Software
Seamless BOM data integration based on Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.
I decided to down load and deploy Talend Open Studio for Data Integration chosen among several alternative ETL products, due to our limited budget and resources. It was really amazing that I could connect the Production Core System and the package system using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration in the same day I down loaded it. It was really a great impact.

Jin Nozawa
Information System Dep.

x Success Overview
MediaLab Mitigates Risks and Accelerates Data Integration
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration allows integrating data from nine sources in six different formats into SAP.
We needed the ability to build custom connectors and realized that Talend Open Studio for Data Integration was the only tool that would allow us to reuse existing scripts and develop our own components. In addition, it was bringing us the major advantages of open source: openness, customization, and no licensing costs.

Florent Marat
Technology Analyst

x Success Overview
Mediaserv makes its growth sustainable by securing its data exchanges
The overseas department operator deployed Talend Data Integration to automate strategic customer processes and make its information system sustainable
Not only did we reduce development, operation and product costs pertaining to our information system, but we also improved its sustainability.

Steeve Pardin
Operating System Support Manager

x Success Overview
mobile.de builds on data integration capabilities from Talend
Talend Data Integration for mobile.de
We are particularly impressed with how simple it is to expand the solution. This makes it very easy to connect additional systems.

Michael Schulz
Data Warehouse Manager mobile.de

x Success Overview
Mobinil Deploys Talend Data Integration MPx Edition to Accelerate and Improve the Effectiveness of its “Big Data” Analyses
The leading mobile phone operator of the Middle East opted for Talend’s Big Data solution to better define its customers’ modes of consumption, ensure the reliability of its invoicing and fight against fraud.
The Talend solution processes the Big Data originating from the CDR data or from the invoicing application. After quick formatting, this data is inserted into Siebel to manage new marketing campaigns.

Mohamed Hajji
Business Development Director at GlobServ

x Success Overview
Monecam Group Bases its Future Service-Oriented Architecture on Talend Enterprise Data Integration
Going beyond operational data integration and processing, Monecam is turning Talend's solution into an Enterprise Service Bus- Data Quality and MDM will be next.
Talend Data Integration offers a lot of related components (i.e., beyond the ETL world), handling, for example, FTP transfers or file management in a directory. It's an all-in-one solution that can also serve as a user-friendly and easy-to-use software workshop.

François Pichoud
Software Architect

x Success Overview
MoneySuperMarket makes Talend a cornerstone of its new cloud strategy
Price-comparison website integrates Talend into cloud infrastructure strategy to gain flexibility, cost-efficiencies and options for future site functionality
Talend does what we need, and it helps keep maintenance and support simple. It has also provided good value in terms of the cost for our initiatives around continuous integration, code management, and the ability to scale easily.

Ian Edwards
Data Warehouse Technical Product Owner for MoneySuperMarket

x Success Overview
Müller Fleisch tracks & traces with Talend
Talend Data Integration allows leading meat processing company to integrate SAP to other systems
We are very happy with Talend. The tool fits right into our landscape and features a graphical interface that lets you define complex processes quite simply using drag and drop.

Thomas Reichenberger,
Head of IT

x Success Overview
With Talend Data Integration, Mutuelle Bleue decompartmentalizes its information systems
The Ile de France interprofessional mutual insurance network organizes its data and automates data processing using the Talend data integration solution to increase efficiency
With Talend, we have structured our business data and automated its processing in a BI framework. With the performance of the solution, we can constantly increase the data volumes that we use, worry-free.

Claude Martinez
Director of information Systems

x Success Overview
myYearbook Streamlines Advertising Analysis
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration collects data from multiple sources to enable advanced analytics on advertising inventory and revenue.
We're really happy with the intuitive UI, combined with the video tutorial Talend offers. I'm not a developer and this was the first time I explored a data integration tool but it was very easy to learn how to use Talend. I'm very happy with how quickly I got up to speed and how the UI allows us to develop these operations processes without having IT support. That has been a huge plus and it is helping us scale our processes while the company grows.

Vadim Telyatnikov
Director of Advertising Operations

x Success Overview
Naville deploys service-oriented architecture using Talend technology
Since Talend is based on standards like Apache and Eclipse, we are guaranteed to easily find expertise available on the market and can rely on the Talend community to find answers to some questions. Talend’s openness is a true guarantee of sustainability.

Sylvain Priser
Information Systems Architect at Naville

x Success Overview
Newcastle University Achieve First-Class Data Management
We have gained more than a new system for solely managing our institutional data, this has opened up a host of new opportunities for the university as we can continuously utilise the open source community in order to rectify issues such as bugs and make strategic improvements to our system. Effectively, this helps us a leading institution to stay at the forefront of education, providing our students and staff with the best resources.

Richard James
Systems Architect, Newcastle University

x Success Overview
NOAA Ensures Data Consistency Across Sybase Databases to Fuel a Self-Service eCommerce Site

x Success Overview
OnBoard Informatics Gives Customers Consolidated Real Estate Data With Talend
Talend integrates 2 million real estate listings and 17 million real estate photos every 10 minutes.
Talend has been successful in getting us onto a single platform that the entire team knows how to use. After evaluating several tools, we selected Talend for two main reasons. When we installed the product and used it, we found it very easy, and the pricing model was where we needed it to be.

Joseph Rugolo
Director, Data Operations at Onboard Informatics

x Success Overview
Orange's Gaming and Transmedia Department Analyses its Sales Data Using Talend Data Integration
The operator calculates commissions to be paid to each partner in several European countries, without changing existing processes.
The solution perfectly meets our needs, in terms of both performance and operation. It is easy to use thanks to its graphical programming mode, and also allows you to work directly on the Java code to refine the job or make customizations.

Sébastien Foucault
Manager of the Division of Development of Gaming and Transmedia Department

x Success Overview
Orange Tunisie Chooses Talend to Improve Customer Knowledge
A leader and innovator in the telecom industry streamlines data integration using Talend to better understand its customers and optimize its network.
With Talend, we have a highly efficient data management environment that helps us innovate, both in technical terms and with respect to customer relations.

Mounir Melliti
Head of the BI Information Systems Department at Orange Tunisie

x Success Overview
OrderDynamics Gains Greater Power and Scalability with Talend Data Integration

x Success Overview
OTTO Group, one of the largest online retailers in the world, used Talend's big data solution to replace aging, legacy, batch-oriented integration systems so the company could have better insight into customers' shopping behavior
Using Talend, the Otto Group has been able to make quicker and smarter decisions around product lines, improve forecasts, reduce leftover merchandise and importantly, improve our customers’ experience.

Rupert Steffner
Chief BI Platform Architect

x Success Overview
The Pays des Vals de Saintonge Adopts Spatial Data Integrator for its Geographical Information System
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration allows analysis of vehicle traffic volumes to better predict road congestion.
By promoting and contributing to open source development, the PVS has made a choice for the future, which can, at some point, influence local development and reinforce the open source skills of the Department. A lack of skills can slow down a project like ours. Beyond the spread of geospatial data, the PVS has triggered genuine momentum in adopting a common philosophy.

Emmanuel Jobin
GIS Manager


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