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Data integration for fresh bread – every day
Harry-Brot GmbH chooses Talend Data Integration
A graphical interface makes job development a breeze, but you can also examine the program code if error messages appear, which is very helpful. The Talend solution has really impressed us overall with its functionality, flexibility, scalability and low price.

Michael Ludwig
Information Systems and Organization, Process Engineering at Harry-Brot GmbH

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Talend supports fund reconciliation
Talend Data Integration at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA
We were particularly impressed by the functionality and user friendliness of Talend’s solution. The fact that it is an open source product wasn’t a decisive factor for us but it has opened up a number of interesting possibilities – including access to a well-networked Talend community.

Matthias Mikolasch
project manager

x Success Overview
Virtusa Delivers Full Enterprise Transformation to HomeServe with Talend Data Fabric
The U.K based company, HomeServe, needed to quickly migrate from legacy systems and comply with upcoming regulatory changes.
HomeServe is a project where Talend Data Fabric has given us a lot of opportunities to do great work for our customers. Talend delivers, and leaves a positive impression on our customer.

Manu Swami
Senior Director – Europe EIM Solutions for Virtusa UK

x Success Overview
The Clermont-Ferrand Hospital Consolidates Data for Reliable Invoicing
Bypassing an unreliable information system, the Clermont-Ferrand Hospital improved invoicing by correlating data on hospital stays.
At first Talend Open Studio for Data Integration handled our loading and extraction needs, but quickly became our basic tool for transformations. It serves not only for verifying the quality and consistency of the data, but also for locating missing data.

Jean-Christophe Jourdy
Department of Medical Information

x Success Overview
Hosta Consolidates Policy-Holder Information in a Single Reference Record
The service provider for the healthcare insurance industry relies on Talend Data Integration to deploy a Customer Data Integration (CDI) hub.
With Talend's help, we continue to enrich each unique member record by integrating the customer data in our Customer Data Integration (CDI), a centralized "€œhub"€ shared by all of our CRM, ECM, and management applications. Every customer-facing agent now has all the information available on his accounts, which considerably improves our quality of service and the productivity of our teams.

Mustapha Khafague
IT Architect

x Success Overview
IEDOM and IEOM Industrialize their Information Production with Talend Data Integration
The two issuing institutions revised their bank data collection and analysis application using centralization and service improvement logic.
The solution has met our expectations in terms of cost and service improvement. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with the products used for queries and restitution (Business Objects and Jedox Palo).

Patrick Bizot
Director of Information Systems at IEDOM and IEOM

x Success Overview
Talend Enterprise Data Integration for the IGEPA Group
Down from 2½ hours to 7 minutes: Talend makes light work of IGEPA’s ETL processes
Open source and good support do not necessarily go hand in hand. But even with the free version of Talend you have the community to fall back on for advice. You can also find truly comprehensive and useful documentation on SourceForge. We were extremely impressed with the support that comes with the licensed version, in particular the professional assistance we received via WebEx meetings at all times of the day.

Senior Application Developer at HRI ITS

x Success Overview
INRA Uses Talend Open Source Integration Solutions to Optimize its Research Projects
The French National Institute for Agricultural Research deployed Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and Talend Data Integration for several research and management projects
Among the main gains achieved using the Talend solution is that we have attained greater scalability and manageability of data integration processes, better transferring of internal developer skills (permanent and temporary employees) and improved collaboration and sharing of experiences both internally and externally.

Delphine Steinbach
Vice-Head Scientist and Coordinator of the URGI platform for INRA

x Success Overview
As a key IT consulting and technology leader, Keyrus enables organizations to successfully turn new data from the digital paradigm into new business opportunities.
Talend saved two big projects with us: a Global HR project and ERP rationalization. Keyrus made the switch to Talend and the projects became a success.

x Success Overview
KIVA Group brings MDM-aware capabilities to their Respect solution suite thanks to Talend
Thanks to Talend MDM, KIVA Group has built a competitive differentiator within its MDM-aware CRM suite, and is able to meet the financial services industry needs.

Mike Baker
Founder and President

x Success Overview
UK Land Registry Improves BI With Open Source Data Integration
Talend Data Integration was initially implemented in just two weeks. It was extremely easy to install and the whole process was very straight.

Steven Philips
Delivery Manager at Land Registry

x Success Overview
Landes Mutualité Implements Health Information Systems with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
The non-profit insurance company of Southwest France bases several strategic projects on the market's first open source data integration solution.
This project is particularly strategic for a company like ours that is always looking for ways to streamline its management. Our nonprofit status enables us to concentrate on quality of service and our customer relationships, while reducing our costs. For example, with open source we save approximately €400,000 ($515,000) on the cost of licenses for the applications hosted on our servers. We will realize the same sort of economies with our workstations when we amortize the cost of training employees.

Eric Onselaer

x Success Overview
Landesbank Berlin relies on Talend integration technology for migration project
Our migration project was extremely complex and took approximately three years to implement. Talend technology was a key success factor,” concludes Penné. “One of the challenges we faced was migrating in a single cut-over rather than in steps.

Jan Penné
systems architect at Landesbank Berlin AG

x Success Overview
Lectra OEMs Talend Solutions to Help Clients Optimize the Life Cycle of Their Products
Lectra increases client satisfaction by integrating Talend’s open source data integration solutions to its own Product Lifecycle Management software.
The ability to deploy Talend abroad was a crucial factor in the selection process. Even if our development activity is carried out in Bordeaux, our product uses Talend’s international version and the project teams can use the localized versions.

Philippe Ribera
Software Marketing Director at Lectra

x Success Overview
Lenovo Quote
We have to continually increase our velocity in acquiring data, and the ease of use of the Talend platform allows us to deliver on those requests.

Marc Gallman
Manager of Data Architecture, Lenovo

x Success Overview
Levolor Streamlines its B2B Integration
Switching from hand coding to Talend Data Integration saves 25% in support time each year and increases IT efficiency.
Another major benefit is the additional support that Talend provides. We've been able to go to them with module ideas for co-development. It's hard to see how this could be accommodated - both in cost and time - with the traditional software model. Add to this the availability of the forum and ecosystem that leverages the open source offering of the software package and I believe you leverage a community when working on various projects. I think this is unique to Talend.

John Shafer
eBusiness Application Developer

x Success Overview
Talend Data Integration at LIFE Biosystems
Cancer Research Leveraging Data Centers.
Currently, the drugs used to fight cancer work directly in approximately 25% of all cases. To increase this percentage to 40%, we have to be able to integrate and analyze more data sources. Talend is here as an important part of our infrastructure.

Dr. Stephan Brock

x Success Overview
Louvre Hotels Improves the Proficiency of its Analyses Using Talend Data Integration
The second largest hotel group in Europe overhauled its data warehouse loading system to increase responsiveness and proficiency.
With the power of Talend Data Integration, we have transformed our loading procedure in the context of providing users with the latest data. Every day, at a set time, the activities of each hotel are "closed". This closing is now automatically detected to start the loading jobs. This allows us to run the load smoothly and obtain a satisfactory response time.

Nabil Elmernikh
BI Manager

x Success Overview
Lœul & Piriot automates its application exchanges using Talend ESB
The French leader in the rabbit meat market deployed Talend ESB to ensure the interoperability of its information system and to increase productivity
The ROI was immediate, from the deployment of the first project. We can now concentrate on future strategic projects. Talend has opened up many development opportunities for us. Due to the wealth of its connectors and its features, we never feel limited.

Yann Pilpré
Head of Information Systems at ALPM Group

x Success Overview
French Internet of Things Telecom Provider M20city Puts Smart Cities on the Fast Track with Talend ESB
Detailed Water and Environmental Sensor Data Gets to Clients with No Delay
We didn’t expect it to go so fast and so well. There were no troubles, and the tool is so efficient, today we cover almost all France with 1.6 million meters, mainly water, but also electricity, fuel, gas, environment, meters for pressure, humidity, etc. and all that data is today managed by Talend.

Xavier Diab
IT Project Manager at m2ocity


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