Orange Tunisie Chooses Talend to Improve Customer Knowledge

A leader and innovator in the telecom industry streamlines data integration using Talend to better understand its customers and optimize its network.
With Talend, we have a highly efficient data management environment that helps us innovate, both in technical terms and with respect to customer relations.
Mounir Melliti, Head of the BI Information Systems Department at Orange Tunisie

A subsidiary of the Orange Group, Orange Tunisie is a private telecommunications company in Tunisia. As the second private telecom operator to get a mobile telephone service license in Tunisia, Orange Tunisie is the first to have a 3G network and fixed-line telephone operations license. These product offerings bring choices to Tunisians, breaking the monopoly held by Tunisie Telecom. Orange Tunisie offers its 3 million subscribers Internet-based and Internet telephone service (VoIP) services. The Orange Tunisie network is now open in 23 governorates and continues to expand its 3G/3G Max coverage to all major cities in Tunisia. Today, 95% of the population has access to Orange voice services and 86% of the population has Orange 3G/3G Max coverage.

Operational monitoring in analyzing additional statistics

The opening of the Tunisian telecommunications market in 1995 has changed the competitive landscape of the sector which until then had rested on a monopoly. The incumbent operator was privatized and two alternative mobile operators were allowed to enter the market. Free competition prompted operators to launch extensive analytical programs with the aim of improving customer knowledge by studying the demographic data and CDRs (call data records: call statistics) that they collect on each call. Since the formation of Orange Tunisie in May 2010, Talend solutions have been used to develop and deploy a data integration infrastructure consolidating multiple sources. The main objective was to organize the monitoring of operational activities through CDR analysis: network optimization such as provisioning and performance, as well as billing control and incident detection.

“At first, being in the launch phase, we decided to use the Talend Open Studio solution, which not only offers an unparalleled wealth of features and connectors, but is also particularly easy to deploy and use,” reflects Mounir Melliti, Head of the BI Information Systems Department at Orange Tunisie. “This choice was primarily a matter of cost. Beyond that, its openness, support for technological standards and ease of use without the need for special expertise were crucial factors for a telecom operator.”

As the number of processes/jobs, level of complexity and criticality increased, the need to industrialize the platform became a necessity. These factors all contributed to a decision to implement the Enterprise version of the Talend solution: Talend Data Integration. For this project, the company was accompanied by Keyrus Tunisie, a Talend Platinum partner.

“Talend Data Integration provides an administration console to monitor the proper functioning of integration jobs, but more importantly, it provides a means of scheduling and organizing them,” explains Mounir Melliti. “Meanwhile, to streamline our processes and save development time, we created ‘joblets’ that allow the creation of models to reduce the time required to develop larger jobs. A joblet helps break down recurring processes or complex transformation steps, while facilitating the reading of complex jobs.”

The integration of this data enables one to better understand the behavior and needs of customers, have a global view of network activity and analyze development potential for new analysis. These statistics are presented in different dashboards distributed to Orange Tunisia senior management and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Ease of use, wide range of components and large data volumes

After using Talend technology for four years, Orange Tunisie has nothing but positive results and feedback with respect to its experience. “In general, Talend’s technology is not only easy to deploy, but easy to use as well. It does not require any special training to be used by IT professionals. In all, our BI team comprises seven people who learned to use the tool very quickly, thanks to its very refined ergonomics. In addition, Talend’s solutions offer a wide range of components that perfectly meet our needs and are easy to oversee,” continues Mounir Melliti. “Lastly, faced with the ever-increasing volumes of data that we use – up to 70 million records per day – Talend offers us totally scalable solutions capable of handling our growing demands.”

Like many telecom operators, Orange Tunisie sees data analysis as a way of improving its performance in three areas. “With CDR data analysis, we are able to improve our customer relations through a better knowledge of their consumption habits and needs. From this analysis, we can derive trends that allow us to create new services and improve our competitive edge. Lastly, this data helps us improve profitability by optimizing our infrastructure and controlling our costs,” concludes Mounir Melliti. “With Talend, we have a highly efficient data management environment that helps us innovate, both in technical terms and with respect to customer relations.”