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ETAI Unifies its Data Production Architecture
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration automates the integration of heterogeneous and disparate data and significantly increases the quality of production tasks.
When we launch the assembly chain for the shippable database, we know it will run without error and we won't need to edit the consolidated data. Talend's open source model does not cancel all costs, but it reduces them significantly, especially in the deployment phase. It also makes them easier to predict.

Philippe Bobo
Software and IS Director

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Eurofins Chooses a Universal Integration Solution
Talend Data Integration becomes the integration tool of the entire Eurofins Group, for local as well as enterprise-wide projects.
Talend Data Integration is becoming the official integration tool of the whole Eurofins Group - an all-purpose solution that allows feeding project information at the group level and also meets the many daily needs of flow automation and data integration.

Pierre-Eric Menuet
EAI Project Leader

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Joint Research Center - The European Commission Watches Over the Oceans
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration helps convert and consolidate significant volumes of data for maritime surveillance programs.
Since we don't have the ability to impose a standard format for the provided source data, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration has allowed us to save a significant amount of time compared to our former system with improved reliability.

François-Xavier Thoorens
Research Officer

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Ewz Chooses Talend Data Integration to Power Zurich's Broadband
Data Management for Zurich's Broadband Internet.
Talend was definitely the right solution for us, especially in terms of a fast and simple conversion, the variety of connectors, and its performance when it comes to large data volumes.

Cyril Zenger
OSS/-BSS Engineer

x Success Overview
Exane Enhances the Responsiveness of its Information System
Exane invests long-term in Talend's open source data integration solution for several data warehouse projects.
A quick turnaround is necessary in a world like ours, where every minute counts. Similarly, given the competition and the unique nature of our business, we depend on customized data processing. Talend's user-friendly, high performing solution helps us meet this challenge.

Willy Cousin
BI Project Leader

x Success Overview
The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Partnering for Best Results
A California Fashion college expands its current reporting functionality with Smart i, a Business Intelligence appliance based on IBM's System i, that includes Talend Data Integration as its built-in ETL tool.
The solution has created a much higher level of satisfaction for FIDM executives. Basically we can access reports much faster and without any manual interface. Today our database isn't any larger but the ETL processing is 2 to 3 times faster than before. It's a huge benefit for us going forward.

Roxanne Reynolds-Lair

x Success Overview
Findus guarantees the interoperability of its information system using Talend Data Services Platform
The French leader in frozen products deploys a next-generation information system based on Talend Platform for Data Services through which all flow exchanges pass, whether between applications or with its partners
With Talend, we are buying peace of mind. Since deploying Talend, gone are the days of complaining about the slightest minute of unavailability of our information system.

Fabrice Nicolas
Head of IT operations

x Success Overview
Frankfurter Fondsbank (FFB) Leverages Open Source
Talend Data Integration provides the "grease between all applications."
With Talend Data Integration, the implementation of new ETL processes requires a lot less time and development effort. Talend does everything we need it to do, and at the same time, gives us more financial leeway for other projects.

Matthias Richardt
IT Officer, Frankfurter Fondsbank

x Success Overview
Gadz.org Accelerates its Move to Web 2.0
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration allowed Gadz.org to quickly develop a new and enriched version of its alumni website, to ensure the integrity of data between its various systems, while improving data quality.
Like any organization linked to a community-subscribers, members, and customers-our integration needs keep growing. Knowledge sharing and social networking platforms, as well as mailing services, have created a new era of communication. Communities like Talend's participate in this trend which has but one main goal: end-user satisfaction.

Lauren Penou
Vice President of R&D

x Success Overview
GE Healthcare Moves Core Data to Talend ESB
When the healthcare giant learned its data integration solution for EDI was being sunset, GE found new life and possibilities for its data with Talend.
We learned straight from the Talend people who created these open source technologies. To have access to these folks is very, very beneficial. They worked through use cases about how to work on a target platform, get the design validated, and work with them to get defects resolved.

Sunder Bharadwajan
GE Healthcare’s Centricity EDI Services Software Manager

x Success Overview
The General Council of Gironde Uses Talend Data Integration to Centralize its Integration Flows
The General Council of Gironde consolidates all its data flows to manage its operations, while automatically updating its reference data.
The Talend solution facilitates maintenance: the flows are centralized, which simplifies their reuse and provides extended visibility. This centralization also increases security, while accelerating operation monitoring.

Benoît Viaud
Business Intelligence Specialist

x Success Overview
Talend Helping the Fight Against Crime in Berlin
Talend Data Integration at the Attorney-General’s Office in Berlin
I was particularly impressed with Talend’s graphical development environment. It enables us to program complex interfaces with just a few mouse clicks. Not to mention multiple automation options. It is a stable solution that can be expanded to include various other components.

Wolfram Zimmermann
systems analyst in the IT department of the Attorney-General’s Office in Berlin

x Success Overview
Genesys Provides the 360 Customer View with Talend
We use Talend to provide better visibility to the upper management, so that they can make better decisions and provide better products.

Marc Lacaille,
Project Manager

x Success Overview
Globalway, Inc. Helps Japan Move from Ground to Cloud
Japan may be a world leader in manufacturing, but they are behind the curve on harnessing customer data. This Talend partner is working hard behind the scenes to change that.
I saw a lot of ESB/data integration tools on the market, but no real-time, big data, ETL solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing applications the way Talend did.

Nobu Watanabe

x Success Overview
Globalway, provides cloud-oriented solutions to the burgeoning Japanese marketplace. Globalway teamed with Talend to help its customers migrate legacy applications to the cloud to enable forward-looking insight
As a solution partner of Talend, we’ve done a tremendous job in the Data management area. For instance, we’ve done an API mashup platform for Japan’s largest telco carrier.

Nobu Watanabe
Managing Director

x Success Overview
Granite Analytics uses Talend Enterprise Data Integration to Empower Wholesale Distributors with Actionable Data
A small Massachusetts firm gives big customer insight to distributors to help increase loyalty and drive sales.
You can repurpose database veterans easily on Talend. It’s the same thought process, just a matter of learning how to use the tool.

Mark Sanders

x Success Overview
Groupe Adeo Industrializes its Data Integration Operations with Talend Data Integration to Increase Reliability
The fourth largest do-it-yourself retailer in the world deployed Talend’s open source data integration solution to revamp its ERP loading system. Additional benefits include increases in productivity and reliability.
Talend allows us to industrialize and automate our data integration activities, all while increasing the reliability of our financial data.

Benoît Kaluzny
Project Manager at ADEO Services

x Success Overview
Using Talend, the Groupe Flo peels its customers’ consumption patterns
At the heart of this new infrastructure, Talend Data Integration makes data flow orchestration reliable and fast.
The goal set by our marketing department to have more data and assurance has been reached. It also benefits from more recent information, since we have saved 36 hours of time!

Marie-Claude Jaurand
Back Office IT Manager for the Groupe Flo

x Success Overview
Groupon builds on Talend Data Integration
Best deals with Talend
Talend is cost-effective, easy to use, readily adaptable and extremely versatile. With the help of the graphical user interface we can easily and quickly link up a large number of source systems using the standard connectors!

Rafael Herrera,
Head of BI International at Groupon

x Success Overview
Talend Data Integration runs Habitat 76's information system
Now business users don't need the IT department to develop dashboards - moreover, Talend Enterprise Data Integration expedites information system design by allowing rapid integration of new applications.
The solution lets us modify and easily optimize the code enabling us to expand our level of customization. Furthermore, besides the quality of support services, the solution offers so many different connectors that we can accelerate the integration processes. We also benefit from the strength of the Talend Community model, especially when it comes to dealing with bugs and product evolution. Talend's approach is exemplary and this is a big change for us.

Nicolas Feray
R&D Manager


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