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Every path to realizing the full business value of data is different. With over 1300 enterprise customers, Talend is a proven partner on the journey to connecting the data-driven enterprise.

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Cdiscount.com Optimizes its Strategic Reporting with Talend Data Integration
The leading Internet retailer implements Talend Data Integration to streamline feeds to its data warehouse.
Talend's Support is particularly responsive both from the standpoint of business and service. We are glad to have joined its community and some of the special components we developed have been incorporated in the product to benefit other users.

Frédéric Chauvat
IT Director

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change:healthcare Revolutionizes the Healthcare Industry
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration helps employers and employees better understand the cost-effectiveness of their healthcare consumer decisions.
Our largest claims extract is 250,000 claims for one year for one company. It took our system nearly 9 hours to import it into our SQL data base using custom-built Ruby code. Talend does the same job in about 10 minutes. I'm actually astonished at how quickly Talend manages to crunch through this data.

George Sibble
Director of Finance and Strategy

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Children's Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha Leverages its Data Across Heterogeneous Systems
The only health care center in Nebraska dedicated to children and specialty pediatrics selected Talend Data Integration to normalize data among diverse databases, enhance its billing processes, and improve compliance.
We're using Talend Data Integration straight out-of-the-box. Having the option to modify the product code is interesting but, in reality, Talend Data Integration has satisfied all functional requirements.

Kevin Sherlock
Data Warehouse Administrator

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Citi, the retail banking operation of Citibank, saw great opportunity in the area of analytics to examine far greater volumes of data than ever before possible
We really liked Talend. We’re able to create reports for high level management that are used to build better products and services for our customers.

Eduard Shusterman
Sr. Programmer Analyst

x Success Overview
The City of Brantford Manages its Municipal Infrastructure
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration leverages Web Services to provide real-time data integration between systems that manage infrastructure, work orders, utilities, etc.
Beyond the obvious cost savings, the open source model also brings a tremendous advantage: the community that supports it. We have received excellent support from other users and from the Talend team via the forums and bugtracker.

Muzammil Rajpurkar
Database Administrator

x Success Overview
The City of Châteauroux Manages the Heterogeneity of its Data
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration contributes to asset management and cost control for the town's City Hall.
The solution is extremely user-friendly and integrates perfectly into our IT systems. Today our projects are fully documented with a full set of data integration features. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration has become the Swiss Knife of integration.

Sébastien Bernard
IT Project Manager

x Success Overview
Conexance MD Uses Talend Data Integration as a ‘Major Component' for its Information System
The client knowledge specialist aggregates more than 150 files within its data warehouse powered by Talend Enterprise Data Integration, which also carries out other important automatic processing.
At the outset, we took a risk - albeit calculated - because Talend had neither the reputation nor references that the company boasts today. We tested the performance of the solution while increasing internal skills, so much so that today we have deployed it in a second platform (the first being equipped with Linux, this one runs in Windows).

Nicolas Giard
Managing Director of Conexance MD

x Success Overview
The Regional Council of Languedoc-Roussillon Improves Business Intelligence with Talend
To free itself from its former point-to-point data integration system based on manual scripts and to make its developments sustainable, the Regional Council of Languedoc-Roussillon decided to deploy Talend Data Integration
Easy maintenance has allowed us to reduce costs since, due to the performance of the Talend solution, we spend less time in development, bug tracking and maintenance, time that we can devote to other strategic projects.

Katia Levé
Head of Research and Application Solutions in the Department of Information Systems

x Success Overview
Creatis Bank Manages Regulatory Compliance with Talend Data Integration Suite
Managing many databases, the bank depends on Talend's open source integration solution to feed a Data Warehouse that guides its compliance requirements to the Basel 2 directives.
We calculate that with Talend Data Integration we reduced development time by a factor of 3 - a particular advantage for teams involved in the migration project. Talend's solution lets us handle data extractions via a graphical interface that accelerates the production of the documentation and notations that Basel 2 requires.

Stéphane Leclercq
Head of Standards and Development

x Success Overview
Talend Data Integration: A Toolbox Enabling Credit Agricole Consumer Finance to Rationalize its Information System
Most new integration data flows pass through Talend's open source data integration solution before gradually recovering old production flows.
Talend Data Integration is a toolbox that offers numerous possibilities that we continue to discover. Additionally, the solution offers very interesting performance features, for example enabling to write a job much faster than our other mainframe or Java solutions.  This perfectly responds to our rationalization objectives and encourages us to promote it internally via skill transfers and training sessions.

Bruno Livenais
Information Systems Management Architect of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

x Success Overview
DAI Delivers Development to the World
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration integrates and consolidates project data to improve efficiency and tracking of international development activities.
Once we had factored in all the elements, including license costs, availability and cost of expertise, cost of hardware, and ramp up time, the equation favored Talend's solution. We needed a product that would allow us to get started immediately and without training, that would scale to support our high data volumes, and offer connectivity to all our data sources. Talend was the obvious choice.

Andrew Ross
Senior Development and GIS Specialist

x Success Overview
Talend Integrates Global Data of Online Food Ordering Service Delivery Hero
Big data for a better delivery service
Talend is easy to deploy and adapt, offering excellent flexibility and stability. And with the connectors that come with Talend, linking up our source systems is child’s play.

Brian Leonard,
Head of Data Warehouse at Delivery Hero

x Success Overview
Dim Branded Apparel standardizes its integration processes using Talend and Altic
The DBApparel Group standardizes its global operations by developing integration interfaces using Talend Enterprise Data Integration, with the goal of increasing productivity and optimizing processes.
With Talend Administration Center integrated in the solution, we can manage both scheduling and operations at the same time, which results in productivity gains.

Christophe Varin
IT Operations Manager of the DBApparel

x Success Overview
OEMs Talend Data Integration to Empower DIVA's New GEXSUS Solution
Data Integration Platform from Talend Speeds Integration of Major Financial Systems to Prepare for Regulatory Compliance.
The matured user interface and ease of use were a key factor in selecting Talend.

Kenji Nakamura
DIVA America

x Success Overview
Domino Printing Sciences Automates Data Integration to Improve Supply Chain
Global printing specialist uses Talend Data Integration for automated integration of critical data to improve supply chain and increase productivity
Talend Data Integration is now part of our day-to-day global operations and is an integral part of our core business systems and processes. We are successfully integrating Oracle, Infor, Salesforce and manufacturing systems on a larger scale than anything we could have even considered before.

Russell Jacobs
CRM (Service) Business Analyst, Domino Printing Sciences

x Success Overview
Easyssur Strengthens its Data Integration Processes
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration streamlines all data extraction and integration processes.
Originally we were only using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration for a few specific processes, but it has grown on us and become our single integration platform. This lets us spend more time on data than on “plumbing" and saved us lots of valuable time.

Clément Chaumette
IT Analyst

x Success Overview
Electrocomponents Increases Performance and Reliability of Systems with Talend Enterprise Data Quality
Whilst the initial decision factor for Talend was cost, we are now highly impressed with the capability of Talend Enterprise Data Quality and are driving decisions based on its functionality.

Thomas Schad
Operational Data Manager at RS Components’ Group IS

x Success Overview
Ellie Mae turbo charges its sales and marketing activities with Talend MDM
Ellie Mae delivers a single source of truth, from department spreadsheets to quality proofed enterprise-wide data access, to business decision makers with Talend MDM.
Talend’s unified platform architecture provides almost all the data integrations possible for the enterprise need. We looked at functionality, ease of use, and scalability. Talend has everything we need to meet our business requirements today and what we will need in the future.

Fudong Yin
Senior Director, Business Systems, Ellie Mae

x Success Overview
Getting a Grip on Big Data with Talend
Emesa Nederland BV goes for Talend Data Integration.
We have always rated open source solutions and value, in particular, the intelligence within the community. We firmly believe that open source combined with professional support clearly outranks conventional software models.

Andre Buren
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

x Success Overview
Epsilon Streamlines a Legacy Database
Talend Enterprise Data Integration builds a demographic, compiled list file from multiple formats.
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration worked very well for us, but as we scaled our use of it we were confronted with issues around teamwork, centralization of the projects and code, etc. We decided to invest in Talend Enterprise Data Integration, and it was well worth the investment.

Aaron Dix
Senior Technical Manager, Data Engineering


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