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x Success Overview
Accent Group ottimizza le prestazioni grazie a Talend Data Integration
L'associazione britannica operante nel settore dell'edilizia abitativa sociale sceglie un software open source per l'integrazione dati.
Con Talend Data Integration, Accent Group può confrontare in un solo giorno i dati rilevanti provenienti da tutte le fonti, mentre in precedenza aveva bisogno di un mese di tempo per creare report complessi in conformità ai requisiti normativi. Ciò ha influito notevolmente sulla produttività e sul servizio di assistenza clienti, perché ora il personale ha a disposizione uno strumento d'integrazione dati open source facile da utilizzare che può ridurre drasticamente il tempo necessario per elaborare le richieste.

Andy Gowdy
MBCS CITP, Legacy System Manager

x Success Overview
Accolade Harnesses Big Data to Recommend Personalized Services to Their Customers
In this case study Accolade experts discuss how they use AWS and Talend to reliably process data in a fully scalable model and how they dynamically adjust the AWS and Talend environments to precise capacity needs.

x Success Overview
Accor Optimizes its Bookings Management
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration speeds up archiving and viewing data, addresses regulatory issues.
This project illustrates how companies can use open source solutions to meet, and even exceed, their requirements. The centralized database provides deeper analysis, and the data integration technology will allow creating links with other systems in the future. The reactivity of the Talend team, especially when it comes to developing specific connectors, helped us to quickly bring high added value to our client.

Marc Sallieres
General Manager, Altic

x Success Overview
Acticall Organizes its Operational Management Using Talend Data Integration
The customer relations management specialist uses Talend's open source data integration solution to simplify data exchanges between different systems and load its management data warehouse.
In less than 10 minutes we can create a job to load a file in a database. The solution is also easy to deploy and the automation features are easy to pick up.

David Slaviero
Director of Information Systems

x Success Overview
The Directorate for Maritime Affairs improves data quality and business intelligence with Talend
Quality controls directly integrated into data flows, data consolidated and distributed to different departments, and streamlined deployments help the Directorate for Maritime Affairs and its partners to optimize business intelligence
The Talend solution meets all our needs and, above all else, makes us independent. We are often surprised by the wealth of the new versions, allowing us to plan future extensions.

Michel Lollichon
Project Director at the Directorate for Maritime Affairs

x Success Overview
African Bank Automates Customer Interaction with Talend
The new process and results confirm that Talend was the optimum choice and in terms of the cost-to-value equation, the benefit we gain for the investment we have made would not be achievable with any other solution investigated.

Ivan MccLean
Head Solution Delivery and Arnold Lyons, Business Sponsor

x Success Overview
With Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Agnès b. Consolidates its Global Sales for Analysis and Forecasting Purposes
With the development of a data warehouse and domain-specific data marts, agnès b. has a consolidated view of its global operations, enabling it to improve its inventory management and financial BI.
With our data warehouse and data marts, we have a consolidated view of the company's operations and can more precisely forecast their development. In addition, we are able to quickly modify any job to respond quickly to the new demands of our management. Talend gave us the agility we were seeking.

Emmanuel Gallois
BI Manager

x Success Overview
ALDO Scales With Talend To Meet Black Friday Demand
A leading retail provider relies on Talend Data Services to develop a next-generation e-commerce platform
With Talend’s agile solution, we can respond much faster to business requests

Eduardo Álvarez Alcázar
Integration Team Lead

x Success Overview
ALÌ S.p.A. adotta Talend Data Integration nei suoi sistemi informativi
Una volta concluso il processo di migrazione al nuovo ERP, la suite verrà utilizzata per la creazione del nuovo Data Warehouse analitico e per altre attività di integrazione dati.
I prodotti Talend offrono una vasta disponibilità di componenti e connettori, una semplicità architetturale per il deployment su piattaforme eterogenee (Unix e Windows) e preziose funzionalità di sviluppo.

The Alì Group C.I.O.

x Success Overview
Talend Makes Light Work of Legacy Integration for Aliaxis
We considered various solutions when faced with this integration challenge. However SAP and Business Objects were very expensive in comparison to the value and benefits that we have realised through the implementation of the Talend solution.

Martin Clothier
Solution Architect at Aliaxis

x Success Overview
Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC Streamlines its Data Warehouse Build
Talend Data Integration joins forces with Gamma Systems' Data Warehouse Studio to reduce costs and time-to-market for a major financial services provider.
We immediately saw the benefit of using Talend as our ETL tool. Data Warehouse Studio in conjunction with Talend is basically a fast-track solution and saved us both time and money. It's proving to be 3 times faster than developing the same ETLs by hand and the ability to reuse Jobs, instead of rewriting them each time, is extremely valuable.

Inderjit Chhatwal
Vice President and Business Systems Development Manager, Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC

x Success Overview
Almerys uses Talend Data Services to Offer Better Quality of Service to its Customers
The third-party payment operator of Groupe Orange updates its integration infrastructure using Talend technology. The results: increased performance and productivity, in addition to innovation in creating new services
The platform perfectly meets our performance requirements thanks to parallel processing

Eric Moleon
Director of Applications for Almerys’ Department of Information Systems

x Success Overview
AOL Standardizes Data Integration Technology for Optimum Performance
Talend helps grow the size, engagement, and monetization of AOL's worldwide audience.
Of the open source vendors we looked at, Talend was fastest. We found that we can build processes in hours that used to take days to develop. That's our main benchmark.

Eric Schvimmer
CTO, Commerce & Marketplace

x Success Overview
The Air Force Improves its Decision-Making with Talend Data Integration
The CSIA (Air Information Systems Center) implemented Talend’s open source data integration solution to modernize its data warehouse loading system.
The implementation and use of Talend Data Integration proved to be more economical than Oracle Data Integrator, because of its invoicing method that is based on the number of developers versus the number of sources and targets with Oracle.

Captain Ludovic Martin
Assistant Head of the Business Intelligence, Administration and Finance Department in the French Air Force

x Success Overview
Auteuil Foundation Manages its Diverse Information System with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration brings a new life to integration projects.
The tool adapts very quickly, thanks not only to contributions from a worldwide community, but also to Talend's responsiveness. Talend listens to users and can react quickly if necessary. The large number of connectors helps us resolve innumerable compatibility issues.

Magali Amouroux
IT Project Lead

x Success Overview
Auxiliaire Urbanizes its Information System with Talend Data Integration
The insurance company automates its interapplication and partner data exchanges to minimize operational risks, while maximizing the flexibility and responsiveness of its information system.
Talend Data Integration knows how to handle any data format, via a rich range of connectors, which saves time in the development phase. Moreover, thanks to the Talend user community, this range continues to grow day after day. In the event of the absence of a connector, we have the option of developing it ourselves thanks to the solution’s openness and our Java skills.

Jérôme Sabot
Head of IT and Organization at Auxiliaire

x Success Overview
BF&M: Leveraging Talend in the Insurance Industry to Move Out with the Old and In with the New
Based on an analysis by our developers, BF&M slashed 70 percent off the project development time with Talend…

Paul Mathews
Vice President of Information Technology

x Success Overview
BNP Paribas Real Estate Achieves Data Synchronisation and Greater Transparency with Talend
With appropriately skilled resources, results can be achieved remarkably quickly. The Talend graphical development environment and vast palette of provided components shields developers from the historic complexities of "how to" implement and allows them to focus on what really matters - truly understanding a client's data and designing a robust and reliable solution to their data management needs.

Mark Perkins
Senior Talend Consultant, eCentric Media Ltd

x Success Overview
Buffalo Studios Maximizes Data Value to Build Competitive Edge in Social Gaming
Talend Big Data adds much-needed flexibility to data integration pipeline
Immediately, we saw that Talend offered a more mature and full-featured development environment than any other solution we were evaluating.

Barry Sohl
Chief Technology Officer at Buffalo Studios

x Success Overview
Car & Boat Media Automates Classified Ad Processing with Talend Data Integration
Productivity and performance hikes for consistent and reliable processing of 180,000 classified ads per week.
Now that we are no longer constrained by the technical limitations of our integration tool, we can develop new services to meet the demands of our internal and external users. Thanks to Talend, reliability is no longer an issue and we can focus entirely on our customers.

Ahmed Noui
Technical Project Manager


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