Who’s Who in the World of ESB

Just a few days ago, Gartner released their Who's Who Among Providers of Enterprise Service Bus Open-Source Software. Unlike the big red Who’s Who book, you don’t (and can’t) pay to be in it… Gartner analysts make the call, based on what they see on the market. So we at Talend are of course extremely glad to have been selected for inclusion.

Released a few months after the Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites, this Who’s Who report drills down into a specific segment of the ESB market: open source, and specifically commercially-supported open source.

Why this focus on open source? A few facts are highlighted by Gartner in the report:

  • It’s the fastest growing segment of the market, with double digit growth rates, to be compared to flat-at-best revenue for proprietary ESB vendors
  • Open source vendors are quickly closing the gap with their proprietary competitors.
  • Open source ESBs are simpler and easier to deal with, and offer more flexibility.

Without disclosing all the good information contained in the report, there are a few facts about Talend that drive it home. Gartner notes for example that:

  • Talend is the first vendor to offer a unified suite supporting all integration styles, beyond ESB.
  • All Talend products are integrated and share common metadata, design, runtime, deployment and monitoring.
  • Talend engineers are active contributors to several key foundational projects of the overall ESB market, including Apache CXF, Camel, Karaf, ActiveMQ…
  • Talend ESB is cloud-ready (of course!).

If you are a Gartner client, you probably have access to the report. If so, it’s worth reading it.