Live Tweeporting from #MDMDG: Field Reports

July 18, 2013 --

While the rest of the US (and most of Europe) are baking in smothering triple-digit temperatures (in Fahrenheit – it’s not that bad in Celsius), I have the privilege of being in a City that is colder in Summer than in Winter. Thank to Information Management for picking San Francisco as the venue for your 8th Master Data Management and Data Governance Summit! With 200 attendees, this is a well-rounded event chaired by the colorful Aaron Zornes of The MDM Institute.

As I have now done several times, I will post a series of Tweetports – unredacted tweets I used to capture some of the key elements of the sessions I enjoyed the most. The twittosphere is relatively quiet at #MDMDG, so I hope readers will find these Tweetports useful.

Let’s start with the intro session, in which Aaron presents his Field Reports on key vendors.

  • Two coasts, 2 #DataQuality events this week, with #Talend coverage at both: #MITIQ in Boston, #MDMDG in San Francisco #MDM #DataGovernance
  • @stevesarsfield covering #MITIQ for #Talend, follow his tweets!
  • And yours truly just arrived to #MDMDG in San Francisco - #Talend sponsoring.
  • At #MDMDG, @azornes warming up for his field reports session...
  • Need to cut through marketing to evaluate #MDM solutions, says @azornes #MDMDG
  • Interesting to see "vendor integrity" on list of @azornes evaluation criteria. Megavendors out? #MDMDG
  • Graphs databases for #MDM hub: interesting concept says @azornes #MDMDG #nosql
  • IBM is big marketing org. They change product names every 6 months. #MDMDG
  • Big challenge for Informatica: get their #MDM product to scale, says @azornes #MDMDG
  • Microsoft's MDS is free with SQLServer, backdoor for departmental MDM... but doesn't scale, says @azornes #MDMDG
  • Even @azornes is utterly confused by Oracle's #MDM products names & segmentation. Or so it seems. #MDMDG
  • SAP was too honest in their marketing when they first came to the US, didn't try to oversell! @azornes #MDMDG
  • SAP quietly bought Purisma from D&B and hired the ppl, when D&B gave up on #MDM. Will be next gen SAP MDM. @azornes #MDMDG
  • @Semarchy makes it into @azornes' newer architecture #MDM list. Congrats guys! #MDMDG
  • Fired my #Hadoop cluster. Trying to find most frequent first letter of #MDM software vendors' name. #MDMDG
  • #Talend is very safe company with deep pocket investors. @azornes #MDMDG
  • #Talend is #OpenSource but that does not mean free. You get enterprise support. @azornes #MDMDG
  • @azornes highlights #BigData leadership of @Talend on his field report card. #MDMDG
  • Most frequent first letter of #MDM vendor name is S, by a large margin. #MDMDG


Yves (@ydemontcheuil)