Live Tweeporting from #HadoopSummit

June 27, 2013 --

I have the privilege this week of attending the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California. Hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley by Yahoo! and Hortonworks, this vibrant conference brings together 2500 attendees, over 60 sponsors for two days of Big Content on Hadoop and big data.

As I have now done several times, I will post a series of Tweetports – unredacted tweets I used to capture some of the key elements of the sessions I enjoyed the most. The twittosphere is vibrant at #HadoopSummit, and as a result there are many retweets as well – thanks to all who contribute unwillingly to my Tweetports!

Many of Hadoop Summit sessions were actually live streamed and recorded; some of these videos are already online.

Let’s start with the intro and opening keynote…

  • #Talend is Gold Sponsor of #HadoopSummit Waiting for keynotes.
  • Found strategic spot in keynote room, Twitter apps fired up, opening the firehose... #HadoopSummit
  • @ydemontcheuil: Key pitfalls to avoid for expanding #BigData in enterprise, courtesy of #Talend: … #HadoopSummit
  • If the litmus test of tech conference quality is # of people are visibly coding waiting for the keynote to start, #hadoopsummit will rule
  • The mandatory Black Eyed Peas remix... Keynote about to start #HadoopSummit
  • Changing what is Knowable... Cool catch phrase. #HadoopSummit
  • Intro video was really good. Now @hcunitz takes the stage and introduces #HadoopSummit. Baby elephant has grown...


  • #Hadoop is enabling top line revenue initiatives that were not technically or economically feasible a few years ago. #HadoopSummit
  • RT ‏@markmadsen: I hope someone introduces the 3 Bs of big data at #hadoopsummit (where's the budget, what product can I buy, who to blame)
  • Every vendor that has a solution that touches data has established a #Hadoop implementation or reference architecture. #HadoopSummit
  • "#Hadoop has crossed the chasm": I'd challenge this. It's hanging right on edge of chasm, supported by giant booster rockets. #HadoopSummit
  • However, #Hadoop is likely the most hyped pre-chasm technology. #HadoopSummit
  • Bearden lists all the stuff #Hadoop still needs to become enterprise viable platform. Requirements for chasm-crossing? #HadoopSummit
  • RT ‏@ratzesberger: More than 350 sessions submitted and over 6000 votes counted for the program at #HadoopSummit


Yves (@ydemontcheuil)