Integration at Any Scale: Scale Data

April 09, 2013 --

A few weeks ago, we introduced a new tagline for Talend: Integration at Any Scale. Scale, in this context, has many meanings, and I would like to focus today on one of them: the scale of data.

Data volumes are growing. Research from IDC, compiled by Wikibon, indicates that data production will increase 44 times by 2020. Of course, your mileage may vary – but today, every organization is bracing for the big data deluge.

Now, it’s not only about big data. It’s also about how to handle small data. It’s about how to handle fast data. It’s about how to handle any data. And, despite what big data marketers want you to believe, Hadoop is not the answer to all data management challenges! (And neither is 42 by the way).

Talend’s definition of scalability does not mean only upward scalability. While it’s true that Talend scales infinitely and linearly (especially through Hadoop support but also thanks to advanced parallelization and other clustering capabilities), Talend also scales “downward”: it connects all data sources, no matter how arcane or exotic, regardless of their location and the technology they use.  No data should be left behind, if the organization is to get a holistic view of information.

Despite the hype on big data, most data integration projects today deal with very manageable and conventional workloads.  A scalable integration solution is one that can be used seamlessly for today’s projects, for tomorrow’s projects, and for the future – regardless of what the future has in store for us. In a sense, scalable means future-proof.

Regardless of its size, of its velocity, data isn’t just data. It’s a valuable asset for the organization, and you want to get maximum value from all your information assets. Talend’s Integration at Any Scale brings you a smarter, scalable integration platform that gets the most value out of all your information assets, large and small, fast and slow.