Live Tweetporting from #GartnerMDM: Multi Domain, Anyone?

Continuing on a series of live tweetports from the Gartner Master Data Management Summit in Barcelona, I attended this presentation by Andrew White and Bill O’Kane: To Multi-Domain MDM or Not? That Is the Magic Quadrant Question. And indeed, that is the question...

  • Multi domain #MDM? Andrew White aka @MDMCentral and @BillOKane at #GartnerMDM
  • #MDM is a Gordian Knot. But Andrew did not bring his sword... I guess Bill could have had a laser saber yesterday though. #GartnerMDM
  • The genesis of the #MDM market: there was CDI, and there was PIM. #GartnerMDM
  • There is no magic in the #MagicQuadrant process! says Andrew White at #GartnerMDM
  • What is multidomain #MDM? Many competing definitions at Gartner, including NoDomain... @BillOKane at #GartnerMDM
  • Multidomain qualifying questions: is #MDM hub system of record for each domain? Single governance model? #GartnerMDM
  • If you have multiple systems, it's not multidomain but multiple domain #MDM. #GartnerMDM
  • @Talend listed in the "Suite/Multidomain capable" category on @BillOKane's vendor slide. #GartnerMDM
  • Great for the market that there is an #OpenSource #MDM vendor, @Talend also offers commercial enterprise edition. @BillOKane at #GartnerMDM
  • Nobody dominates the #MDM market (yet) says Andrew White at #GartnerMDM
  • @BillOKane recommends that you really evaluate vendors on your most extreme cases: volume, unclean data. #GartnerMDM

And that’s it for this conference tweetporting – I had a flight to catch and missed the last sessions, which sounded pretty interesting based on the tweetstream.

#TheEnd. #SeeYouInTexas.

Yves (@ydemontcheuil)



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