Predicts 2013: Hadoop Becomes Enterprise-Acceptable, Transitions from Experimental to Mainstream

December 26, 2012 --

As promised, after a Cloud Predict, our first Big Data Predict.

2012 has seen the rise of Hadoop as the leading big data platform. It’s certainly not the only one, but today it’s the one that’s getting the most traction.

Predict: after the success of experimental deployments, fueled by an accelerated maturity curve, Hadoop will gain mainstream acceptance in 2013.

Not even 5 years after it first became available as an open source project, the Hadoop platform has matured at a pace that few technologies benefited from in the past. Well-funded startups such as Hortonworks, Cloudera or MapR are now offering certified Hadoop distributions that are not only reliable but also enterprise-acceptable: they come with all the bells and whistles that enterprise IT expects before they adopt a technology in the data center and hand its management to IT Ops.

In 2012, most Hadoop deployments were experimental or proof-of-concept types. Clusters were deployed on isolated sandboxes, or in the Cloud, but were managed outside of mainstream IT, usually in a contained lab-type environment.

These projects have proven their value. Integration solutions are now available that allow other applications, systems and databases to interact with Hadoop. And the newly-gained enterprise-acceptability of Hadoop has removed the last obstacle to mainstream IT adoption.

In 2013, no longer an experimental platform, Hadoop will become a major player in the overall IT environment.