Tweetporting from Gartner Symposium

October 24, 2012 --

Gartner Symposium & ITxpo is Gartner’s annual event for CIOs and senior IT executives. The North American edition takes place every year in October at the Dolphin & Swan hotels in Orlando, Florida. I was privileged to be able to attend the first two days of the event before heading north to New York for Strata Conference & Hadoop World (more on this later).

Through a series of Tweetports, I will be sharing some comments and impressions on sessions I was able to attend, starting here with the energizing and content-rich keynotes.

  • #GartnerSym keynote full, was sent to overflow room. Oh well, it's the content that matters.
  • Leverage tremendous amount of information at disposal to drive growth - THE #1 key challenge of CEOs. #GartnerSym
  • Harness the forces into the nexus - it's all here for you, now. Gartner CEO introducing #GartnerSym
  • Gartner's head of research, on stage as hologram, doing great job at pushing all the hot buttons of IT in just a couple minutes. #GartnerSym
  • #Cloud is the foundation of the nexus, 3 other forces rely on it. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • #BigData is the killer app of the #Cloud - no argument here! #GartnerSym
  • 80% of business use SaaS but IT does not trust the #Cloud. Alignment issues? #GartnerSym
  • RT @Gartner_inc: Sondergaard: in 2016, more than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased WW. 2/3 of workforce will own a smartphone. #GartnerSym
  • By end of decade, #BYOD will represent half of all devices... Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • 150 billion connected devices in 2020! Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • In 3 years, at least 10 orgs will spend $1b+ on social computing. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Turn data into revenue. Data as a strategic asset? #GartnerSym
  • Every CEO can name a piece of information they need - but don't get. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Shed light on dark data: data that is collected but not used. #BigData #GartnerSym
  • #BigData is a complete shift. From collecting information to leveraging it as a corporate asset. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Consumers spend 3% of income in technology, up from .8% 30 years ago. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Consumers are the ones who drive the spend on technology. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Are vendors helping with required changes or slowing you down? Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Nexus drives the IT market, will reach $4 trillion by 2016. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Need to broaden the definition of the IT market. Technology is embedded everywhere from shoes to appliances... Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • We are all digitizing our business. Tech spending evolves toward becoming 100% IT. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Every budget is an IT budget. Digitization is an IT business. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • RT @Gartner_inc: Sondergaard: By 2015, 25% of organizations will have a Chief Digital Officer. #GartnerSym
  • #BigData will create 4.4m jobs over the next 4 years... Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • RT @Gartner_inc: Sondgergard: Every big data-related role in the U.S. will create employment for 3 people outside of IT #GartnerSym
  • But... There is not enough talent in the industry. Only 1/3 of #BigData jobs will be filled. Sondergaard at #GartnerSym
  • Social and IT define the life of the knowledge worker, improve productivity but also help with personal life. #GartnerSym
  • Technology brings more harmony to work and personal lives. #GartnerSym
  • The UN Global Pulse program detects early warning signals of unemployment, disease outbreaks or instability. #GartnerSym
  • The dark side of the (nexus) forces. #GartnerSym
  • Yes there are new threats, driven by the new forces. But is this really new? Any new tech brought new threats. #GartnerSym
  • The CEO wants the CIO to drive the digitization of the business. Be at the forefront of the Nexus. #GartnerSym