MapR Certification Provides More Big Data Options

March 23, 2012 --

This week at GigaOm’s structure:data conference, we announced jointly with MapR the certification of Talend Open Studio for Big Data with MapR’s Hadoop Distribution. Following our embedding in the Hortonworks Data Platform, and our longstanding partnership with Cloudera, it means that Talend is now working with all three leading commercial Hadoop distributions (in addition to supporting the native Apache Hadoop project). Not only working just as in “we trade logos for our sites” (even though we do that too), but working as in “we have tested, and proven that our solutions work well together”. In the case of MapR, our colleagues from R&D spent lots of time in the lab, testing all the connectors against a number of configurations.

For MapR’s distribution, we provide the HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig & Sqoop connectors (like for the other distros), But MapR also includes a unique feature: Direct Access NFS, which enables high throughput streaming to HDFS. Combined with Talend’s real-time capabilities such as Change Data Capture (CDC) or even Talend’s ESB, it enables real-time streaming of pretty much any data to Hadoop, instead of batch loading. This can find some unique applications for real-time analytics, and Talend is very happy to also include NFS support in the set of MapR connectivity. Another side benefit of this certification is that it “carries over” to EMC’s Greenplum MR: Greenplum’s Hadoop platform is indeed based on MapR’s distro. Of course, Greenplum has been a Talend partner for a long time, and we already provide support for Greenplum HD. The addition of Greenplum MR to our portfolio of technology makes our partnership even more valuable for our joint customers. With this new certification, we are very excited to be providing more options for our clients embarking on big data projects. Yves