Talend Big (Data) Coverage

March 13, 2012 --

Two weeks ago, at Strata Conference, we announced our big data strategy and technology, along with products and a strategic partnership with Hortonworks. The news received a lot of interest, and conversely of coverage by media and bloggers, and I wanted to highlight a few of the key pickups and comments.

  • In Network World, Alan Shimel commented on how Talend is contributing to the democratization of big data: “There are many folks hoping that Talend can do for Big Data and Hadoop what it has done for data integration in general. A reoccurring theme I have heard recently around Hadoop is that it is too hard and not mature enough for many organizations.”

  • SearchDataManagement’s Marc Brunelli also picked up the complexity of big data, having me commenting that: “Our vision is that it shouldn’t require a Ph.D in MapReduce to implement your transformations.
  • DJ Walker Morgan preferred to lead with the licensing angle in The H Open, discussing the importance of “Talend's Open Studio for Big Data moving to Apache licensing” and thus becoming a closer part of the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Christopher Tozzi wrote for The VAR Guy that “The Hortonworks partnership introduces perhaps the most complete open source solution for Big Data management yet.
  • I also had the privilege to be interviewed by Dave Vellante and John Furrier on theCube, Silicon Angle’s TV channel broadcasting live from Strata Conf.
  • And last – but not least – our good friends at the BeyeNETWORK invited me to a Q&A Spotlight on Big Data Integration with Hadoop. Definitely worth the read.

This is by no means exhaustive coverage, just a few highlights on different angles of these announcements. Yves