In France, Triple A is not Lost for Everyone in BI

February 28, 2012 --

Last week, French BI community Decideo published the results of their annual Barometer, which provides an unbiased, independent view of the expectations and vision of users of BI solutions and platforms. 30 independent vendors and 7 “full stack” providers were graded by members of the community. Based on the overall ratings, vendors would get an A, a B or a C.

Out of the 37 vendors thus graded, only 3 got an A – and all 3 of them are independent, best of breed vendors. They are QlikView, Tableau Software and Talend.

This Triple A is also a set of vendors that represent a newer generation of technology, one that is disruptive to established players, and that have been taking over the market at a very fast speed.  It is worth noting that none of the full stack vendors scored exceptionally well.  For complete results, the full report can be purchased from Decideo.

Unlike finance, when only extreme conservatism will get you the best grades, the BI market rewards innovation and disruption. Kudos to the Decideo members for recognizing this.


PS: in all fairness, despite lots of noise to the contrary, France did not really “lose its Triple A” – only one of the 3 major credit rating agencies downgraded the French debt. Still, it’s one too many.