Live Tweeporting from #GartnerMDM: Wednesday Sessions

February 13, 2012 --

The following is an attempt to report via my tweetstream on 2 sessions held on Wednesday afternoon at the #GartnerMDM Summit in London.

Improving Business Intelligence Analysis Results With Integrated, Active MDM by Mark Beyer & Roxane Edjlali

  • #BI & #MDM - the chicken egg question. Roxane Edjlali & Mark Beyer at #GartnerMDM
  • Show of hands: most ppl in room do #BI, some do #MDM, none have combined them. #GartnerMDM
  • In #BI data flow is unidirectional, flows from sources to data warehouse. #MDM features a circular flow - like app integration. #GartnerMDM
  • Addressing issues after the fact - #dataquality impact on #dataintegration, changes to endpoints, etc. - should architect it. #GartnerMDM

Organizational Issues in MDM: Critical Roles and Stakeholder Management, by Ted Friedman & Debra Logan

  • Who pays for #MDM is key issue of sponsorship - sponsor may not have $$ but you still need their support. Don't scare them! #GartnerMDM
  • Are execs reluctant to support #MDM program because they're afraid they'll be asked to pay for it? #GartnerMDM
  • RT @mosesjones: #GartnerMDM @ted_friedman 'master data by definition is shared'
  • Data stewards must have authority and relevance. Don't matter if they belong to business or IT. #GartnerMDM
  • @ted_friedman explaining RACI framework: Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed. Alleviates many ongoing debates. #GartnerMDM


Yves (@ydemontcheuil)