Live Tweeporting from #GartnerMDM

February 12, 2012 --

Last week in London, Gartner (@Gartner_inc) ran two important events on the conference circuit: the EMEA Gartner BI Summit (#GartnerBI) and the EMEA Gartner MDM Summit (#GartnerMDM). I attended the latter of the two, and tracked the first one on Twitter.

A little side note to comment on the value of Twitter for conferences. Twitter provides a simple, interactive way for non-attendants to participate into a conference. Maybe not as deeply as by being there, but if you have a sufficient number of Tweeps in the audience, you can follow pretty well what’s happening, and even engage with attendees and speakers. And for attendees, it provides a good way to follow several tracks at the same time.  

I think Gartner gets it – attendees were publicly encouraged to tweet with the #GartnerMDM hashtag, and conference chair Ted Friedman (@ted_friedman) has been an early adopter of Twitter and probably one of the most engaged tweeps of large IT analyst firms.

For the #GartnerBI conference, I relied heavily on Timo Elliot (@timoelliot) and Jean-Michel Franco (@jmichel_franco) for my reports. Andy Bitterer (@bitterer) tweeted a bit also but I guess he was super busy with presenting and meetings. Oh, and since I follow less people in the BI space than in the data management or integration space, I have probably missed several other key Tweeps – my apologies to them.

The best sessions at Gartner conference are the Magic Quadrant Power Session (when there is one, doesn’t happen every time) and the guest keynote. Seems that the Power Session was well attended and generated many comments – of course the one I liked best was this one from @jmichel_franco:

  • MQ for data integration tools: #Talend very close to the leaders quadrant now. Impressive moves since two years! #GartnerBI

At the #GartnerMDM conference, I was among the most prolific Tweeps. It’s also a good way for me to track the sessions. I tried to pick a few of the tweets I like the best, to summarize these presentations in the next couple posts (to avoid a Twitter-Blog-Overload).


Yves (@ydemontcheuil)