Another Strong Growth Year for Talend

January 30, 2012 --

Talend has just issued its traditional “momentum for 2011” press release, which for non-publicly-traded company, is the closest thing one gets to an earnings report. OK, it contains less financial information than an earnings report. Still, there are interesting nuggets that I would like to highlight, and provide a bit of clarification. Please note that the 2011, the Year that Kept on Giving series on this blog will also provide more detail and insight on some of these accomplishments.


  • 103% growth in 2011 compared to 2010. Is there more to say? Are there many vendors who register this type of growth, especially in today’s economy?  More importantly, who keep doubling every year, 3 years in a row?
  • Almost doubling of the customer base (from 2,000 to 3,500). The closest vendor in the proprietary field, Informatica, managed to acquire only 4,300 customers in their 20 years of existence. And their new customers only accounts for 10% of their revenue.


Readers of this blog are familiar with the sustained pace of innovation that is taking place at Talend. A few reminders of important 2011 milestones:

In October, we also celebrated the fifth birthday of Talend Open Studio!


Talend is an open source vendor. Being open source is a complex equation with many variables, and while I won’t pretend we master all of these variables perfectly, a few things we did in 2011 are worth highlighting:

  • Launch of the Talend Community Coders program which showcases members of our engineering team who contribute to open source projects.
  • Contributed more code/commits than any other commercial entity to key Apache projects in the integration space – our engineers are committers to 16 Apache projects, up from only 5 one year ago!


Beyond being a Visionary in 3 Gartner Magic Quadrants (Data Integration and Data Quality which were released in 2011, and the SOA one from 2010 in which Sopera was a Visionary before we acquired them), beyond being a Gartner Cool Vendor, beyond receiving a bunch of awards, what else is there to highlight?

Well, you’ll need to stay tuned for this. There are interesting reports that are about to be released, but I can’t make waves before they become public. And they are not dated 2011, so they don’t belong in this post anyway!