2011, the Year that Kept on Giving: Partners

January 19, 2012 --

This past year has been a game changing year for Talend. In this series of short interviews with key Talend managers, we take a look at several key functions at Talend and try to understand which role they have played in Talend's success in 2011.

Keith Goldstein joined Talend in the summer of 2011 as Vice President of Channels & Alliances.

Q: Keith, how important are partners to Talend’s success?

Keith: One word: cri-ti-cal. Since inception, Talend has been working very closely with partners

– SI partners, technology partners, and even OEMs (one of Talend’s first important announcements was our OEM partnership with Jaspersoft, a partnership that is still strong as ever five years later). Partners help our clients be successful with our solutions.

In average, half of the deals we are closing involve a partner. Some of those are deals that are brought to us by a partner. Some of those are deals in which we ask a partner to join us, because we identified a need for some unique vertical expertise that our partner has, or simply for deployment services.

Talend has a strong services organization, but its role is not to deliver long term engagements, and our consultants are technology experts, not always domain experts. Rather, they support our clients and partners alike to ensure the success of deployments.

Q: Why would a partner OEM Talend’s technology?

Keith: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It essentially means the manufacturer is embedding a third party product in their own product. The whole idea is for each vendor to focus on their core competency and get “the rest” from best of breed vendors.

Under the “Powered by Talend” program, OEM partners are able to leverage all of Talend’s products – not just data integration and data quality as was the case historically. We revamped our OEM program in October, adding technologies such as Big Data Management, Master Data Management (MDM) and ESB to our OEMizable product portfolio.

Q: How is Talend addressing the needs of its SI and consulting partners?

Keith: We are about to announce a rejuvenated Talend Alliance Program that will better cater to the needs of our partners, allow them to do business more efficiently with Talend, and streamline a number of processes. Even though working with partners is part of our DNA, and we have done it from Day One, we felt we needed to address some of the growth pains that we had all experienced lately. Stay tuned for a key announcement soon!