New Product Names for all Talend's Products

January 16, 2012 --

This post originally appeared in the Talend Newsletter #30.

With the release of Talend v5, names of Talend’s products are changing. This change was primarily driven by a need to streamline the naming convention and to make it easier to understand for the community, customers, partners, etc.

Note that this naming change does not alter the product capabilities or feature sets.

Open source/community products

The open source/community products are all being renamed to show their belonging to the “Talend Open Studio family”:

Enterprise/commercial products

All subscription products are now using the same “Talend Enterprise” naming model:

Note: There is no “Talend Open Studio for BPM”. Indeed, since the BPM technology in Talend v5 is provided through an OEM partnership with BonitaSoft, one can simply download their open source edition, Bonita Open Solution, which is essentially the open source version of Talend Enterprise BPM.