2011, the Year that Kept on Giving: Communities

January 11, 2012 --

This past year has been a game changing year for Talend. In this series of short interviews with key Talend managers, we take a look at several key functions at Talend and try to understand which role they have played in Talend's success in 2011.

Ross Turk joined Talend as Senior Director of Community just a year ago. His job is to ensure that Talend has a healthy relationship with the communities where we do business.

Q: Ross, what has changed in the past year in our relationship with the communities?

Ross: Before I came on board, Talend had a long and successful history of working with the communities. What we have done in this past year is spent a lot of time measuring and analyzing the behavior of the communities, and of the Talend employees who interact with the communities.

We have become a lot more sophisticated in our measurement, which allows us to identify the areas where we can improve, and provide a better service to our community members.

As a side note, I would like to mention that we have been using Talend Open Studio a lot to extract and transform all this data – so yes, we eat our own dog food (and it’s yummy!).

Q: How well is Talend working with other open source communities?

Ross: A few months ago, we launched the Talend Community Coders program. Its purpose is to recognize the Talend employees who are actively contributing to open source projects, giving the community a single place where to look and making it easy to engage with our teams. The site features project lists, blogs, technical tutorials, etc. and is a great resource for the communities.

Q: Is Talend involved on the social media front?

Ross: Talend was an early adopter of social media! And this past year has seen tremendous traction – measurement and analysis has clearly helped us, but so has the overall increase in traction of these media. For example, the @talend Twitter account now has over 3000 followers – double what it had a year ago. The Talend Channel on YouTube is also continuing to grow and so are our communities and groups on LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing, and of course our Facebook fan page.

Today, the way we use these channels to disseminate information and interact with the community has become really effective. Social media has become an alternative way through which people can interact with Talend.

Q: Are there also opportunities for the community to meet Talend people physically?

Ross: First, when I look at what my colleagues in marketing do, all the events to which we participate as a company, these are so many opportunities to meet with us. I personally attend a fair number of these, and there are always some technical folks who are happy to chat with users.

We also organized back in October a Community Day in Frankfurt, Germany. This was a fantastic opportunity to network between partners, users, customers, Talend employees, etc. We are still in the planning stages but expect more of these, as well as some regional user community events or user groups.