2011, the Year that Kept on Giving: Services

January 09, 2012 --

This past year has been a game changing year for Talend. In this series of short interviews with key Talend managers, we take a look at several key functions at Talend and try to understand which role they have played in Talend's success in 2011.

As Vice President of Customer Services, Vincent Pineau runs the global services organization: training, consulting, and support.  The goal of his teams: help our customers be successful.

Q: Vincent, how did Talend’s support evolve in 2011?

Vincent: As we ramped up the business and the number of clients, we have also ramped up the support organization. Not only in term of people – the teams have grown significantly – but also in terms of infrastructure.

We have updated all our Service Level Agreements and overhauled our back-office systems to better track incidents and provide up to the minute information to our clients. This also allows us to offer 24x7 support using a “follow the sun” approach.

Our case management system is based on OTRS, and of course our bug tracking system is the same as the R&D organization (JIRA). We are now using extensively Internet-based desktop sharing for troubleshooting.

Q: How did the consulting organization change?

Vincent: In 2011, we augmented our teams with a number of very talented consultants coming from Sopera after we acquired the company in late 2010. Since then, we have been relentlessly cross-training the consulting teams to broaden their technology expertise and make them more capable to deal with our clients’ complex integration issues. We have also implemented global methodologies and best practices, and introducing high level strategic consulting for our largest clients, in the form of Technical Account Management.

Q: On the training front, anything new?

Vincent: In 2011 we created a dedicated training practice, distinct from the consulting organization. Our training director is responsible for deploying our training curricula for our customers and partners. His role is also to offer a portfolio of courses that cover extensively our product and technology portfolio – not an easy task with our sustained speed of innovation!  And finally, we are taking a close look at delivery channels for training – stay tuned for more this year.