Three Bossie Awards, Three Years in a Row

September 08, 2011 --

It came yesterday, when the editorial team at Infoworld notified us: for the third year in a row, Talend won a Bossie Award! I like the way they said it: “Talend Open Studio remains the undisputed leader in open source data management and integration.”  Infoworld’s Bossie Awards recognize the best open source software of the year.

And indeed, with 15 million downloads, 750,000 users – Talend has taken open source integration to a level no one suspected it could go. The challenge of democratizing integration was an interesting one to tackle, and I am proud of what we have achieved.

bossie09.jpg   bossie10.jpg   bossie11.jpg

Now, as I am looking back at these three Bossie awards, there is an interesting pattern that is very reflective of Talend’s history.

  • Our first Bossie came in 2009. Talend Open Studio had been reviewed a few months ago by Infoworld’s Test Center and has passed with flying colors and an overall score of 9/10. At this time, all we were talking about at Talend was data integration, and indeed the Bossie highlighted this: “Talend Open Studio makes an excellent choice for data integration projects large or small.”
  • In 2010, our second Bossie highlighted an expanding suite of products for all data management needs. At that point, we were gaining recognition in the data quality field and had introduced the first open source MDM solution. And here we went: “This year Talend raised the bar with the addition of master data management tools and native support for Hadoop, laying the groundwork for large-scale, big data analysis.”  Also note the first reference to Big Data.
  • And today, in 2011, as our third Bossie comes along, two major shifts have happened. The first one is a category shift: while Talend was recognized in the “Best of open source platforms and middleware” categories for the past two years, the category is now “Best open source data center and cloud software”.  Any link to our strategic Cloud initiative earlier this year, with the release of Talend Cloud?  The second shift, very important also, is the extension of Talend’s focus from pure play data management into an overall integration solution. As Infoworld highlighted, “most of the improvements this year pertained to growing and assimilating Talend's own ESB.”  And indeed, beyond the assimilation of Talend ESB, the Talend story has shifted significantly this year – from pure play data management into a much broader integration solution.

This Bossie will soon join the other ones on our Wall of Fame, as I like to (modestly) call our Awards and Industry Recognition web page.