Contributor Highlight: Dan Kulp

August 25, 2011 --

Five down, three to go.

For those of you who haven't been reading the Talend blog lately, we've been working hard to higlight members of our team who contribute to open source.


Dan Kulp is this week's Highlighted Community Member, and there's a fantastic interview of him over on TalendForge. Dan currently manages the engineering efforts for our Application Integration products, and also manages to write a ton of code himself. He contributes to more Apache projects than I have the space to list here; he says his most fulfilling project, though, is Apache CXF.

I think my favorite quote from Dan's interview is: "I'm not sure if participating in open source communities makes people better (brings out the best in people) or only the better people participate in open source." I know how he feels, and I think it's probably a little bit of both: open source attracts developers with unparalleled committment, and working on open source is the best way to build teamwork skills if you don't already have them.

Dan maintains a blog, where he discusses his work with Apache. You can also follow his activity on Twitter (@dankulp). Stay tuned!