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Talend equips IT to deliver in any big data environment

Data-driven businesses use Talend to deliver timely and easy access to data.

Talend lets organizations unlock all of their data, including historical, live, and emerging data. Through native support of the modern big data platforms, Talend’s zero footprint solution takes the complexity out of integration and equips IT to be more responsive to the demands of the business, at a predictable cost.


Big data is a complicated adventure. Business requirements are always changing, and data-driven organizations require more access to data, faster.

Recipes from the past do not work in the big data environment. Simply put, current integration technologies are not cutting it moving forward. Now more than ever, organizations need the right tool for the right task.  

Talend equips IT to deliver all data where, when, and how the business needs it.

Like expeditions to the South Pole, discovered in 1911 by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen after a tight race against British explorer Robert Scott, the big data journey can be treacherous and expensive – unless IT is properly equipped.

Business cases for big data are as numerous and diverse as industries and company types. But one thing is clear: organizations of all sizes are embarking on the journey now. And the ones who don’t will be left on the sidelines. Talend has worked with many enterprise IT organizations and industry luminaries to identify the primary obstacles to success with big data:

  • Availability of big data skills
  • Need to integrate many different sources
  • Deployment and management of the big data infrastructure
  • Governance of data
  • Difficulty to obtain funding

Discover how Talend’s solutions address these challenges.

The big data promise is not only to meet today’s needs, but also what it will be able to deliver tomorrow and in the future. That future is showing up on the horizon, with new technologies that will enable real-time and operational big data. Because organizations want their big data investment to scale, they need a platform that offers the modularity required for the future.

Only Talend can future-proof big data investments!

Beyond big data, Talend’s unified solutions portfolio includes data integration, data quality, master data management, enterprise service bus and business process managementTalend’s platform is architected around a common set of easy-to-use tools implemented across all products to maximize the skills of integration teams.

I may say that this is the greatest factor: the way in which the expedition is equipped.

Roald Amundsen
Race to the South Pole, 1911

Key facts

  • Founded in 2006
  • 400+ employees
  • Dual HQ in Redwood City, CA &
    Suresnes, France
  • Over $100m in funding
  • 108% Revenue Annual Growth (CAGR)