Talend Data Preparation

This course enables developers to build DI Jobs for Data Preparation, in order to empower business users to quickly access and cleanse their data. It covers creation of data preparations and sharing options. It details the live data set scenario, covering execution tasks in the Talend Administration Center (TAC).

Duration Half day (3 hours)
Target audience Data owners, DI developers, and administrators who want to deploy, manage, and deliver managed self-service data preparation to business users
Prerequisites Talend Data Integration Basics and a basic understanding of administrative tasks
Course objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Use Talend Administration Center (TAC) to configure Data Preparation users and manage tasks
  • Design and publish live or batch data flows as data sets to authorized users
  • Create and share preparations
  • Execute a user-defined data preparation in a Talend job
Course agenda

Getting started

  • Exploring the environment
  • Creating users and groups within Talend Administration Center (TAC)
  • Connecting to Talend Data Preparation

Creating data preparation

  • Creating a data preparation and related data set
  • Adding a join to a data preparation

Using DI for Data Preparation

  • Publishing a data set to Data Preparation
  • Executing a preparation in Talend Studio

Implementing a live data set

  • Implementing Live Dataset mode in the Studio
  • Deploying a Job in the TAC
  • Creating a data set from a Talend Job