Talend Data Catalog Advanced

Become an expert with Talend Data Catalog and learn how to manage multiple configurations in a common interface. Optimize your work with time-saving features, helpful collaboration tools, and advanced administrative capabilities.

Duration 1 day (7 hours)
Target audience Anyone responsible for development and management of a metadata repository and data cataloging using Talend Data Catalog
Prerequisites Basics knowledge of Talend Data Catalog
Course objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Automate harvesting
• Use versioning
• Grant granular permissions through security settings
• Implement data masking
• Implement a glossary workflow
• Use a social catalog to enhance user collaboration
• Audit data catalog activity

Course agenda

Talend Data Catalog in context
• Concepts

Automating harvesting and versioning
• Automating harvesting
• Using versioning
• Managing the configuration life cycle

Implementing security settings
• Defining security roles
• Data masking

Working collaboratively
• Using a social catalog
• Using a glossary workflow

Going further
• Accessing an audit