Talend Cloud API Services

Talend Cloud API Services provides full API development life cycle support that extends from design to deployment. You can easily design, prototype, and document APIs in Talend API Designer, quickly implement the underlying service in Talend Studio, ensure that your APIs are solid and reusable with API Tester, and deploy services in Talend Management Console.

DurationHalf day
(4 hours)
Target audienceAnyone who wants to use Talend Cloud API services to design, implement, test, and deploy new APIs
PrerequisitesCompletion of Introduction to Talend Studio and Talend ESB Basics
Course objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Define a new API using API Designer
• Implement REST services in Talend Studio
• Use JSON structures and maps in Talend Studio
• Test services using API Tester
• Define testing scenarios in API Tester
• Deploy and execute REST services in Talend Cloud

Course agenda

Talend Cloud API services in context
• Concepts

Using API Designer
• Connecting to the Talend Cloud platform
• Defining a new API
• Publishing documentation
• Testing the API

Developing REST services in Talend Studio
• Defining metadata
• Creating a JSON structure
• Creating a REST web service
• Implementing a POST operation
• Implementing a DELETE operation

Using API Tester
• Testing REST services
• Creating a testing scenario
• Validating HTTP responses

Deploying REST services to Talend Cloud
• Creating a remote engine
• Executing services deployed as OSGi
• Executing services deployed as microservices